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Surviving the Christmas Retail Season

December 15, 2014

Surviving the retail Christmas shopping season doesn’t have to be difficult. Here are our top 5 tips to help retailers get through it easily.

  1. Train your staff

    Few investments pay greater dividends than retail sales training. Take time prior to the rush to train your staff on handling stressed customers, stock lookup, gift wrapping and other customer interaction skills. ...

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Is Black Friday Good for Canadian Retailers?

November 26, 2014

As we plan and work with more retailers across Canada, a topic that continues to come up is the hotly debated Black Friday. Is this a sign of American big box stores dominating the retail landscape in Canada to meet their aggressive targets or is it in fact a viable marketing tool for the average Canadian retail operation?

Although there ...

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Greeting and Engaging Customers

November 24, 2014

Do you want to CLOSE more sales? For our WEALTHY RETAILERS, closing a sale will always begin with a great opening – the greeting!!

GREETING and ENGAGING customers effectively and appropriately is often our biggest challenge on the sales floor. For some reason we get lost in our own world and forget just how important getting past the customer’s first ...

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Why some retailers excel with their software

November 24, 2014

We have been installing retail software for a long time now, and we have had the pleasure of working with many companies during our 20 years in business.

During that time, we have seen companies thrive with their software while others barely use theirs. Here are 5 ways to excel with your software.

  1. Retail Software Training

    Nothing can replace ...

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Are you prepared for the holiday shopping rush?

October 14, 2014

Thanksgiving has come and gone and that means that the Holiday Shopping season is drawing near! Make sure that you have all the consumables your shop needs to make it through. Contact CRS today to order your till rolls, stickers and tags so you have everything you need to make you sure holiday shoppers have the best possible holiday ...

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7 Steps to a Customer Driven Selling Strategy

September 29, 2014

Are you a WEALTHY Retailer? Yes, then you believe systems define outcomes and the need for a selling system strategy on your sales floor is paramount. So what is a selling system? It is a consequential set of actions and reactions that ensure EVERY customer who enters your store gets the highest level of care and service no matter who ...

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How to Set Up a POP UP Shop

September 22, 2014

Pop-up Store Part 2: The Check List

So you have decided a pop-up store is right for your business, now it is time to consider the key requirements.

Lets look at the 5 things to remember when planning and preparing a pop-up store, in no particular order:

  1. SMILE

    No matter how tough the event is on you, your staff ...

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Knowing Your Retail Pro Software

September 17, 2014

Did you know that as part of your Silver or Platinum Retail Pro Software membership you get access to online video training with My Retail Pro TV? This resource is excellent, as it allows you to learn at your pace, and when it’s convenient for you.

If you’re more of a reader, there’s a complete set of documentation available ...

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Retail Sales Tip - Ask the Right Customer Needs Questions

September 1, 2014

Ask the RIGHT questions to find out your customers’ needs and you’ll get the answers you are really looking for.

In my last blog post we talked about 7 tips for sales success. Number 3 was Asking the Right Questions: Most salespeople do not ask the right types of questions, even when they prepare questions prior to the sales opportunity, ...

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Self Analysis: Should I do a POP UP store?

August 25, 2014

Self Analysis: Should I do a POP UP store?

What is a pop-up store, anyway?

A pop-up store is a temporary retail location, usually opened for a short period of time to support a specific promotion or niche. Retailers can use pop-up stores to create an new a different experience for their customers, and to raise awareness of their ...

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