What is your Inventory Valuation

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What is your inventory really worth?   How much you paid for it? How you priced it? Understanding the true value of your inventory is critical to your success. Retailers continue to make the age-old mistake of valuing their inventory based on what they paid for it rather than what they can sell it for….

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Avoid Common Retail Traps With Retail Math

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Many retailers hire an accountant to take care of their income statements (among other things). A common trap is that, on paper your retail store may appear profitable – but in reality this “paper profit” may not equal the reality that you are finding it difficult to cover expenses each month. A well-integrated POS System…

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Independent Retailers Are Building Trust with Customers

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Anti Social Media – Our time to Shine by Scott Smith I had the distinct privilege of working with 50 of the most amazing minds in independent retail recently at an annual Management One® event in Arizona. The group was surveyed and asked what the most significant change and/or opportunity would be in retail 2020….

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