Top 5 Signage Mistakes

Kirsten Hynds Business, Tips and Tricks

OK so I’ll be the first to admit it…I have OCD tendencies. After working in retail for well over ten years I can no longer “shop” as a regular customer. Instead the first thing I do when I walk into a store is to critique it. I look at the store layout, the merchandising and…

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The Best Shopping Experience EVER

admin Business, Tips and Tricks

The Best Shopping Experience EVER!! Someone asked me the other day what was my most positive shopping experience? Now you think it might take me a minute to come up with what my most positive shopping experience in my entire life has been? However it popped into my mind right away, and it truly has…

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Happy is a choice not a result and a key attribute to becoming a WEALTHY Retailer

Dan Holman Business, Lifestyle, Tips and Tricks

The definition of Happy might be one of the most debated subjects in the history of mankind. Perhaps the challenge in finding a universally acceptable meaning is what makes Happy or Happiness so special. Whether you believe Happy is a state of mind or an emotional response it is undeniably better to spend more of…

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