Yourcegid Retail POS

Yourcegid Retail: Complete Store Management for the Forward-Looking Retailer

Yourcegid Retail

Yourcegid Retail has been the #1 European POS and business management solution for companies of all sizes from small independent retailers to giant megabrands like Billabong. CRS is a leader in Canadian retail management software and Cegid has strategically chosen to partner with CRS as the official distributor of Yourcegid Retail in Canada. Companies like L’Occitane with locations across Canada rely on Yourcegid Retail as their all-in-one solution for complete retail management, and CRS will make this truly innovative product a reality for your retail business.

Retail Management Software Made Easy

Yourcegid Retail’s touchscreen graphical interface is not only easy to use for your employees; the automation of back-office tasks makes your business much easier to run. The easy learning curve for front-counter employees on Yourcegid Retail with the support of CRS reduces training time to get a new employee up and running on the system. The simple interface lets you scale your operation from single store to a global network without missing a beat.

Yourcegid Retail: More Than a POS Software System

Yourcegid Retail goes far beyond the cash register to inventory management, supply chain management, merchandise planning, cross channel merchandising, and many other features. This is why global brands like Quiksilver and Naf Naf rely on Yourcegid Retail to manage every aspect of their business.

Innovative and Forward-Thinking

Have a difficult demand that your current Point of Sale software can’t meet? Prepare to be amazed by what Yourcegid Retail can do. Customers are beginning to expect things like mobile applications, multi-touch screens, and interactivity with smartphones and tablets, which Yourcegid Retail can give them.

If you have thought of a feature you want, it is very likely that Yourcegid Retail can help you incorporate whatever “it” is into your business. Innovation is at the heart of its business model and Cegid is not married to one particular platform or device. The agile SQL backend can adapt to multiple platforms and devices without sacrificing performance or features. Features like Web Access Technology mean Yourcegid Retail can be up and running in just minutes anywhere in the world in any language you desire.

Outstanding Customer Service

Cegid makes a software that is well-organized and reliable, however no POS or retail management software systems are completely trouble-free and it’s important to have a good team in place to ensure that problems are fixed quickly. While you automatically receive excellent service with any software or service you purchase from CRS, Cegid has a reputation worldwide for providing personalized service that directly addresses the immediate issues of your business. Between the CRS team and Cegid’s commitment to ensuring the seamless operation of your software, you have top tier technical support at your disposal.

Cegid Performs Supply Chain Management

If you need the power of automated supply chain management integrated with POS and inventory, look no further than Cegid. Yourcegid Retail fills a much-needed space as it not only handles the standard functions of a multi-store POS and inventory management solution, but the difficult logistics of supply chain management. With warehousing and ERP functions, your entire retail operation is fully accountable and products can be tracked from manufacturing to the sales floor.

You can even source products from different manufacturers if your usual supplier is out of stock. You simply do not get this functionality with any other POS software system in the same level of detail. It automates tasks to free up your buyers to do what they do best: find amazing merchandise for your store.

While Yourcegid Retail is an excellent option for a business of any size, businesses with a difficult-to-manage supply chain, businesses with a high degree of confidence in future expansion, and companies manufacturing their own products are best positioned to take advantage of all Yourcegid Retail has to offer.

Yourcegid Makes it Easy to Expand in Canada or Worldwide

Devenlay-Lacoste sells 2 items per second and relies on Yourcegid Retail to manage its over 250 stores in Europe and the US. When they were looking at an expansion into the US, Lacoste contacted a number of retail management software providers with a specification document that called for the ability to manage franchises, branch stores and the ability to simultaneously manage stores on two different continents, with attention paid to the regulations and requirements of each country. Yourcegid Retail fit the bill, as it has with other retail giants such as Estée Lauder, Yves Rocher and Sony.

Yourcegid Retail is easy to use for your employees, from the touch interface point-of-sale system to back-end accounting. Support is always there for your business whenever you need it, and complicated processes are skilfully managed and automated where you want them to be. Yourcegid Retail is the ideal solution for the retail business that needs more than just a POS system.

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