Client-centered Bottom Line Focus

Our team of specialized professionals is united to grow your business through the power of technology. We strive to provide a comprehensive package of skills that will increase our clients’ return on the important business investment they have made. Your success is our bottom line.

Your Support Team

At CRS, our support technicians don’t read from a checklist or recite a tech-book – they resolve issues one-on-one to move clients forward with the solutions for success. When it comes to your POS system, the CRS Support Team applies real understanding and genuine concern to determining the best solution for your business.

Your Training and On-Site Technicians

Setting you up for success is what drives our onsite technicians, who bring years of experience training retailers in every aspect of POS technology. Some direct quotes from our technicians in the field:

“I always strive to be part of the retail team I am working with, learning their business and adding value to their organization.”

“My goal is to leave each store with a new friend and business partner.”

“I know that I am the face of CRS, and first impressions are key.”

Your Sales Team

Our sales consultants have extensive experience in both technical and retail environments. Their expertise in multiple POS systems gives you the advantage of well-informed consultation that considers your business’ unique needs when determining the best fit for your operations. In every aspect of client interactions, the CRS Sales Team puts real and lasting relationships at the forefront as the key to our mutual success.

Your Administration and Financial Services Team

As the true engine of our operations, the CRS Administration and Financial Services Team ensures a smooth and efficient experience for our clients throughout each aspect of their dealings – from sales and marketing support to purchasing assistance and ongoing financial services offerings. Expect prompt and friendly service every step of the way.

Your Management Group

As retailers helping retailers, the CRS Management Team puts over 20 years of walking the retail walk to work for our clients. With hands-on experience in every facet of retail – from operations and buying to customer service – the CRS Management Team offers leadership and vision based on genuine, real-world understanding.