Custom POS software for any business.

The Point of Sale systems offered by Canadian Retail Solutions (CRS) are flexible and can adapt to the retail practices of the majority of our clients. However, we recognize that some retailers occasionally have special requirements for point of sale customization.

The CRS Custom Programming Division works closely with clients to create custom POS and retail software solutions to enhance the POS systems of any business. We have developed many custom pos software modules and plug-ins to meet the needs of our clients. Some examples of our existing plug-ins include:

Customer Loyalty

Reward your customers for shopping with you, and they will keep coming back. Our specially designed Customer Loyalty Programs allow you to track and reward your customers based on the currency value or points value of their purchases.

Foreign Currency

This convenient custom POS tool allows you to enter the foreign currency cost of an item while creating a purchase order or voucher, resulting in an automatic update of the cost (Canadian) based on the exchange rate set in your system.

Suggestive Sales

Create add-on sales at your POS! This valuable tool flashes a message with another “suggested item” when a related item is scanned.

Dead Plant Return

When a customer returns an item that is no longer sellable, this handy tool automatically creates and adjustment memo that removes the item from your on-hand inventory.

Rain Check

This innovative custom plug-in scans all open sales orders and compiles a list of orders awaiting the arrival of a specific item.


This plug-in makes accepting donations for your favorite charity easy. When activated, your sales associate will be prompted by the POS to ask if the customer would like to make a donation. Select ‘yes’ and the donation is added to the receipt. Select ‘no’ and the transaction continues unchanged.

For more information about these value-added plug-ins or to discuss your specific retail Custom POS Software needs, please Contact Us.