Retail Pro POS Software - Full Feature List

General POS System Features

  • List / Form View – toggle between a sortable list and individual detail on items, styles, customers, departments, vendors
  • Page Designer – design the content of any form on one or more pages
  • Browser Home Screen – default opening html screen within system
  • Shortcut Keys definable by user
  • Practice Retail Pro for training with store data
  • Program Labels customizable by user
  • Preferences definable for system and workstation
  • Multi-store Polling Software by internet or modem
  • Security Administrator with user-defined groups and rights
  • Scheduler launches activities or reports at set times or intervals
  • E-Cat electronic catalog tool
  • Document Designer for forms and tags
  • Data Verification System tracks / repairs damaged records
  • Change Language of system display
  • Diagnosis of system components
  • Grid Printing format option
  • E-mail with polling
  • Safeguard data backup

Inventory Control

  • Item / Style View displays merchandise by item or by style
  • Three Dimensional Grid of quantities by attribute, size, location
  • Print Tags as designed for selected items
  • Pricing Formulas defined by department
  • Quantity Pricing with user-defined rules
  • Edit by Style to modify all at once
  • Default Vendor Terms modifiable for any order
  • Vendor List and history lookup
  • Barcode Scanning items onto documents
  • Batch Receive by barcode for an entire carton
  • Receive against Purchase Order, edit by exception
  • Transfer Out Slips for inter-store stock control
  • Physical Inventory and memos to adjust quantities
  • Automatic Purchase Order suggested by min-max
  • Remote Receiving of orders at store sites
  • Price Manager mark-up / down utility
  • Movement Control among bins or sub-locations
  • Clean House deletes old items
  • Committed Inventory tracked and displayed

Go to Retail Pro’s Inventory Management & Control page to learn about how these features are used in your Retail Pro point of sale solution.

Point of Sale

  • Tender gift cert, store credit, EFT, split tender, foreign currency
  • Barcode scan UPC, Item #, or alternate #
  • Lookup / Choose Items from inventory at POS
  • On Hand Quantities for any store or all
  • Hold / Unhold receipts
  • Price Levels set or change at POS
  • Sales Order deposit for special order, customer order, layaway
  • Discounts tracked by reason and cashier
  • Minimum Deposit set by type of order
  • Create Receipt or P.O. from a sales order
  • Quick Find items, customers, etc
  • Lost Sales Receipts for unavailable or partially cancelled orders
  • Shipping Labels at POS
  • Customer Sales History lookup at POS
  • In-Store Charge Account
  • Add Customer on the fly
  • Filtered View of customers or items by chosen criteria
  • ZIP Code lookup
  • X / Z-Out Report summarizes daily sales breakouts for store or station
  • X / Z-Out for any period can be displayed, printed, or exported
  • Cash Drawer Reconciliation with (optional) required manual counts
  • Customer Sharing option among stores
  • Shipping Priority by order
  • Bank Deposit preparation
  • Employee Check In / Out and view in/out status
  • Customer Loyalty Mailings filtered by any aspect of history or data

Go to Retail Pro’s Point of Sale page to learn about how these features are used in your POS system.


  • Journal reports document by document
  • Merchandise reports in chosen format
  • Summaries consolidated from many documents
  • Lists all or filtered customers, vendors, departments
  • Groups of similar reports can run simultaneously
  • Wizard sets up filters and reports to user specification
  • Customize layouts, sorting, filters, field names
  • Rich color and font print options

Added Features (in development – partial list)

  • Allocation Patterns by department
  • Multi Store Receiving against central P.O.
  • Model Stock auto-generation by sales history
  • Store Groupings multi-level user defined
  • Scale Interface weight measurement
  • Auto-Generated Transfer orders
  • Check Verification
  • Size Patterns predefined for ordering

Links and Advanced Options

  • Contact Us for more information regarding this option.

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