Management One Retail Consulting

Management One - Results that Count logo.Management One Winning@Retail is a unique retail business and inventory planning tool that works with any Point of Sale (POS) or inventory management system to build a successful plan for your business. The details that can make or break a retail business lie in its inventory and financial planning. Many traditional inventory management systems do not allow the level of detailed analysis that is necessary to find the high and low points in your inventory and cash flow. Winning@Retail is purpose-built with proprietary systems that have a 94% success rate in helping retail businesses discover inefficiencies and change course to run with successes.

High Success Rate With Hundreds of Retail Businesses

Over 20 years, hundreds of companies have used a Management One consultant to chart a course for their success. The data shows that businesses that stick to the Winning@Retail plan achieve significant success in increasing their business profits.

Why CRS is a Certified Management One Retail Consultant

Canadian Retail Solutions (CRS) has been a leading Point of Sale software company for a long time and we pride ourselves on providing the best technology products for our retail clients. The problem is that many of these products only go so far in allowing businesses to plan for their future, both short-term and long-term. A retail business cannot live or die by quarterly sales projections; it must be able to analyze inventory and sales on the fly and be able to change course on a day-to-day basis to stay profitable.

Retail consulting with Management One takes inventory and financial analytics to a new level. It has designed a proprietary system that takes info from a retailer’s POS system, accounting software and other mediums and uses all available data to build a future retail plan based on many variables. This makes Winning@Retail very intuitive and a tool to help your business rapidly adapt to changing market needs, something you simply cannot do with the current products on the market. At CRS we believe in the power of Winning@Retail so much that we’ve become a Certified Management One Retail Consultant.

A Retail Planning Tool for Independent Retail Businesses

Winning@Retail is designed for independent retail businesses. It gives independent retailers a better retail planning tool than large multinational chains have available to them, allowing you to take advantage of the nimbleness of being an independent retailer to outsmart the big guns that you are competing with in your retail category. What the Management One retail consulting program does is often referred to in the industry as “open to buy planning”. It gives retailers budgets, direction on where they should be putting their dollars, and an understanding of where they should be clearing out and moving inventory.

You’ll be able to see which merchandise areas are doing well and which are doing
badly, all in the context of a long-term plan for the next 12 months to 2 years.

Data Interpreted for You by Experienced Retail Consultants

When you sign on to the Winning@Retail program, you won’t be met with a chunk of data that you are not able to interpret. The retail consultants at CRS are experts in the industry, and they will meet with you monthly either virtually or in person to help you analyze the data and come up with a comprehensive plan for the next 30 days based on what they see. Our over 25 years in the retail industry allows us to view this data through the lens of experience and offer your business solid recommendations on what you should do to increase your cash flow in the short term. You’ll also be able to generate easy-to-understand reports whenever you want them.

Management One Has Helped Retailers Create Success

One client we have worked with for 20 years started with sales of $500,000 and is now carrying sales of $5.5 million as of 2011. This success grew over a long period of time of following direction and working together with the Winning@Retail plan. Additionally, three of the top 50 women’s clothing retailers in the United States for 2011 use the Management One Winning@Retail package.

You can replicate this success by contacting Canadian Retail Solutions and asking us how you can get started with Management One Winning@Retail today. Let us help take your business to the next level with the best retail planning tool on the market.

Management One® is the expert to contact when your Open To Buy planning becomes a burden or your ability to forecast future sales is not adequate. Management One® is focused on the most accurate and effective merchandise planning since 1990. A great business starts with the right plan. Accurate forecasting for each classification for each month for the next 12 months is the foundation on which to grow your retail business. Management One® affiliates work one-on-one with each client to turn that merchandise plan into an action plan to make success simple for the retailer. For a free analysis of your business and financial information to learn if Management One® is right for you, contact or visit