Thank you for attending OR Summer Market. Below you will find copies of the 3 presentations as well as the FREE, NO OBLIGATION Inventory Analysis offered to attending retailers.

Retailer Self Assessment

Retailer Self Assessment – this is a guided, interactive self assessment that allows the retailer to grade themselves on 5 key areas of their business. (Customer Relationship Management, Marketing, Selling, Retail Technology, Cash Flow & Profitability).

Merchandising 101

Merchandising 101 – this presentation reveals secrets to merchandising in today’s including Mark ups, Markdowns, Pricing, Displays, etc. This session will give the retailers an opportunity to speak to their specific challenges and hear how other retailers are having success today.

Inventory = High Risk Asset

Inventory = High Risk Asset - This session takes an in-depth look at the secrets to Open-To-Buy and how to manage inventory to achieve optimum levels that allow retailers to grow profitable sales, increasing cash margin and ultimately their overall store profitability.

Free, No Obligation Inventory Analysis

I have been working with Dan at CRS for almost one year. I have to admit that I was a bit skeptical of what he could do for me after having successfully run my business for 9 years without an inventory management system. I honestly can’t believe how much easier he has made budget planning and ordering for my team. The analytics provided have removed all the guess work out of this area of my business. I would highly recommend these services to new businesses and existing businesses alike.
- Jordana, Cravings, Saskatoon, SK Hear more from our customers