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Tuesday January 23rd – 9:00 AM MDT

This 45 minute Webinar will focus on effectively managing your biggest asset; Inventory. We will reveal strategies to effectively plan inventory requirements in today’s competitive market.Learn how Open-To-Buy along with metrics drive success for you and your buyers allowing better management of inventory to achieve optimum levels that push your store(s) to grow profitable sales and improved cash flow.


45 Minute Agenda

  1. Inventory Requirement (Flow and Balance to drive Sales)
  2. Merchandising 101 (7 keys to better Merchandising)
  3. Open-To-Buy (OTB made easy)
  4. Performance and Measurement (What are your Key Performance Indicators)
  5. Case Study (How retailers are growing Profitable Sales and improving Cash Flow)

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Canadian Retail Solutions has been a tremendous asset to our business. CRS has helped us get to the next level by reducing inventory levels, increasing sales and, most importantly, increasing profitability. They have become an integral part of our team.
- Robyn, Cloud Nine Pajamas, Edmonton, Alberta Hear more from our customers