A retail POS platform like no other.

Springboard POS is a cloud based system built by Retailers who have walked in your shoes. Springboard was designed for a growing retailer with complex needs. Onmichannel and going mobile are part of it’s DNA. Springboard is upgraded automatically, and simple to maintain. Springboard’s powerful cloud-based POS software, unparalleled custom reporting and retail management platform gives you the power to make informed decisions, service your customers at the point of decision, and sell more, profitably.

Does it fit you?

Sales Volume: 500k +
Stores: 1 to 100
Highlights: cloud based, great customizable reporting, Ecommerce (Shopify and Magento), mobile, customizable inventory fields.


Real time everything

The Springboard Retail pos system was designed and built for the Cloud. All you need is a web browser. What that means is no “upgrades” or “downloads” or “versions“. Of anything. Ever. New features, enhancements and more are available to you instantly. And it’s all accessible from any device, on any platform. What’s more, Springboard Retail gives you access to real-time data, anytime, from anywhere. Whether checking the day’s sales at the airport or looking for a sweater in a size 8, across all stores, while the customer tries on the 6 in the fitting room, driving retail sales and profitability has never been this easy.

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Retail Management System for everything you need to drive your business.

  • Mobile ready Point of Sale
  • Dashboards and Reporting
  • Customer Management
  • Customer Orders
  • Inventory Management
  • Purchasing and Receiving

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Kill the counter. Reimagine your store. Go mobile.

Reclaim valuable square footage, engage with your customers at the point of decision and drive sales. Wherever customers are and however they choose to shop, the retailer is empowered with the real time information they need to make the sale… And, it’s easy to use! Sales associates love to use the Springboard Retail cloud pos system. It requires little training and makes them successful at their job: creating happy customers and exceeding their sales goals!

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Truly built for multi-store retailers

Springboard Retail was designed and built by multi-store retailers. We’ve sat in your seat and felt your pain. We know a store-by-store view of inventory limits your ability to sell. Period. With Springboard Retail, multi-store inventory management is innate. For the first time, you’ll see your real-time inventory across every store. So, you can sell that sweater in a size 8 in Poughkeepsie just as easily as the one in your hand. Plus, the sale will be credited to the store that actually sold the item (not the store that shipped it) so you can plan your buying the right way the next time around. And, it's quick and easy to move inventory between stores, so you can allocate merchandise to the store you know will move it.

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