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Register today for our FREE retail education in the WEALTHY RETAILER™ SERIES. Join our Retail experts as they reveal the secrets to a more profitable retail environment. Gain insights to maximize revenue and experience more satisfied customers; learn more about social media platforms that drive customers to your store; lead an inspired sales team driven by results; and manage an inventory that produces cash…ultimately allowing you to Win at Retail.


Retail Health Assessment

Join Dan Holman for an hour designed to give you the tools to compete and succeed in a world of increasing competition.The CRS team will facilitate a Retail Skills Self-Assessment, highlighting the key areas for building cash flow and increasing wealth.

Thursday September 8, 9am-10am
Friday September 9, 9am-10am


Social Media with Chatty Girl Media

Join Social Media expert Ashley Sexsmith from Chatty Girl Media. She will be discussing online marketing and what Social Media platforms work best for your business. Social Media isn't just customer service. It is HR, PR, sales, marketing, crisis management and whatever else pops up!
Chatty Girl Website

Thursday September 8, 11-12pm
Friday September 9, 11am-12pm



Join Dan Holman for an interactive and informative hour designed to give you the tools needed to reduce excess inventory, create more cash and grow profitable sales. Participate in this step-by-step process that gives you the power to create more cash.

Thursday September 8 1-2pm
Friday September 9, 1-2pm


Staff that Sell

Join Dan Holman as he walks through a sales approach that leaves customers an advocate of your store and helps increase the average sale. This is an approach that you can replicate in your own staff training.

Thursday September 8, 3pm-4pm
Friday September 9, 3pm-4pm


Thursday Sept 8, 9amFriday Sept 9, 9am
Thursday Sept 8, 11amFriday Sept 9, 11am

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