easyOTB Link for Management One® Affiliates

As a Management One® affiliate, you know the value of collecting POS data from your clients quickly and accurately. But what about all that time and energy spent plugging in data manually? What if you could access all the data you need from a wide range of POS systems quickly and easily with one simple-to-use tool?
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Saving Time and Engery

With the easyOTB POS link from Canadian Retail Solutions, you can save the time and energy you’ve been spending on the manual entry of data. This one, easy-to-use tool allows you to interface with Microsoft® RMS 2.0, QuickBooks POS, Counterpoint and more.

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Links Directly to the Database of your Client’s POS

The easyOTB tool links directly to the database of your client’s POS, reducing entry errors. Less time ensuring accurate data entry means more time for clients, and more time for clients means better planning. Access to the data from more POS Systems brings the opportunity to introduce Management One® Winning@Retail™ to a broader range of clients that may not have been easily accessible before! And with easyOTB, onboarding new clients has never been easier!

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Learn more by visiting easyOTB.com.

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