CRS POS Retail Security Systems

Fact: The greatest shrinkage within a store is employee theft.

CRS retail security products provide simple and consolidated tools for real-time/live digital video viewing and recording. Linking directly to your network, the POS security software allows you to view and manage your digital video from anywhere in the world via an Internet connection using leading i3DVR software.

The advanced application allows easy data querying and reporting for spotting questionable transactions, such as store credit fraud. Video streams can then be quickly and automatically queued for review, eliminating the need to spend hours scanning video tapes within a certain date range.

POS Security Key Features

  • Complete and pure network digital video recording system
  • Centralized and decentralized real-time remote monitoring
  • Scalable for medium or large-sized facility monitoring
  • Cost-effective and easy to install
  • Instant real-time alarm verification
  • Expandable storage option using networked HDD
  • External device control – zoom, pan, tilt
  • Windows-based application

For more information about how a Retail Security System can decrease your business’ internal shrinkage, please Contact Us.