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Don’t take our word for it… Over 25 years of client confidence is the best evidence for the power of our retailer solutions – and an indication of what the right solutions can do for your retail business. We pride ourselves on creating long-term partnerships based on ethics, integrity and service quality. Our people-first approach to client solutions shows.
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My store has been a RetailORBIT® Client for over four years and I have personally experienced the value this program offers. Within the first twelve months of following the RetailORBIT® plan, my store’s gross revenue increased a modest 5%, but inventory carrying costs were cut in half. Once inventory levels were balanced, along came cash flow, higher turns and sleep! J Since that first year we’ve seen consistent, significant growth in revenue and I’ve become a smarter, more profitable Retailer thanks to RetailORBIT®.Working with RetailORBIT® and Canadian Retail Solutions is so much more than Inventory Management – it is comprehensive Retail Business Coaching. In addition to Inventory Management, my Retail Coaches at CRS have helped me work through challenges from lease negotiations, to motivating and remunerating staff, to coming up with creative promotions, to suggesting financing options for my business. It is my wholehearted belief that my business would not be around in the capacity it is (or perhaps at all!) had I not worked with CRS and RetailORBIT®.I encourage Retailers of every size to have CRS do an inventory analysis for you. It’s easy – CRS does all the work! Don’t be embarrassed about the condition of your books, having a small budget, or dwindling sales; CRS has seen it all and they are here to help, not judge. They will show you exactly what RetailORBIT® will do for you.My only regret about working with RetailORBIT® is that I didn’t start sooner! 
- Janel Dickin, Owner, Hye Fashion Inc. Edmonton, Alberta
We have had the privilege to work with Dan this past year. He is honest, knowledgeable, and to the point. (The decimal point!) Thank you Dan & Canadian Retail Solutions!
- Lindsay, Bella Maas Boutique, St Albert & Sherwood Park, Alberta
Before CRS, it was as though I was trying to find my way in the dark.  Through their insightful and personalized planning, I was able to manage my inventory much more effectively and give my business its best chance at success.  I would suggest that every retailer, regardless of their years in business or level of experience, incorporate their planning strategies into their own business.
- Brad Leyden, Revolution Boutique Inc., Sherwood Park, Alberta
Canadian Retail Solutions has added an important new dynamic to our buying philosophy. By receiving extremely useful and timely information, our buying efforts are more targeted than ever before. Our consultant, Dan, is so passionate, patient, and insightful—a great influence on my team and me.
- Carrie Watson, Director of Purchasing, Backwoods Retail Inc., Austin, Texas
Canadian Retail Solutions has been a tremendous asset to our business. CRS has helped us get to the next level by reducing inventory levels, increasing sales and, most importantly, increasing profitability. They have become an integral part of our team.
- Robyn, Cloud Nine Pajamas, Edmonton, Alberta
YTD, my sales are up 9% with 33% less inventory. No extra marketing. My KPIs have improved significantly. All due to CRS planning. The investment in CRS was daunting at first, I am a micro-retailer with 600′. Even at my size, my inventory is working so much harder than it was without CRS. One year in, I tell everyone in retail (except my competitors), call Dan.
- Kathryn C., Kate French Wear Inc., Vancouver, British Columbia
CRS has helped us increase our cash flow, focus on our top selling categories and increase our sales!
- Kristi Wozniak, KEYLIME Athletic Wear, Sherwood Park, AB
CRS really got me on track as to what was selling, getting my inventory under control and sticking to my budget.  Every monthly meeting is helpful and more importantly positive with the outlook of the store and what needs to be done.  They have helped me get profit out of my business even though when I started with them I had only had my store for 3 years.
- Karen Jacobs, Mountain Air Clothing, Jasper, Alberta
I have been working with Dan at CRS for almost one year. I have to admit that I was a bit skeptical of what he could do for me after having successfully run my business for 9 years without an inventory management system. I honestly can’t believe how much easier he has made budget planning and ordering for my team. The analytics provided have removed all the guess work out of this area of my business. I would highly recommend these services to new businesses and existing businesses alike.
- Jordana, Cravings, Saskatoon, SK
We have been working with the Retail Consultants at CRS for a year and a half and it has improved the way we manage our business. Through their advice, and the assistance of the Management One system, we have increased our turnover, decreased the amount of inventory on hand, and looked at new ways to grow our business while decreasing overhead. Most importantly, our consultants Dan and Kirsten have been able to use their extensive Retail experience to offer us impartial advice and ongoing support. The CRS team have become trusted advisors for us and we recommend their services.
- Nikki Tilley, Tilley Vancouver, Vancouver, British Columbia
I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend [CRS] to any business looking for a POS system!
- Craig Faris, The Quilted Duck Gift Cottage, Nanaimo, British Columbia
Winning@Retail has been a very valuable tool to our business. It’s actually saved us hundreds of thousands of dollars in buying mistakes.
- Lynn Carolei, Sublime Swim and Sunwear, St. Albert, Alberta
We own a retail clothing store in northern British Columbia, Canada and have been using Retail Pro for 5 years now. We have always been very satisfied with its ease of use, intuitiveness and overall user friendliness. Their techs have been responsive, available for consult every time I’ve had to call. They’ve always fixed or helped develop reports tailored to our needs. I tested many many different POS software programs before finally deciding on Retail Pro from our Canadian Vendor; Canadian Retail Solutions. Implementation was as painless as using a brand new software could ever be! I would recommend Retail Pro to any retailer, big or small.
- Marc Joseph, Marc Joseph/Trends Clothing Co., Fort Saint John, British Columbia
My family has run a outdoor equipment and clothing store in Banff, Alberta and have been using RPro for over 15 years. We have found it to be a great program for small businesses with few store locations. After a couple of hours, most of our staff find the program easy to use and overall quite user friendly. After testing and trying different POS systems, we’ve found the inventory management, merchandising features to be quite useful and straight forward.
- Nic Monod, Monod Sports, Banff, Alberta
We are Unlimited Skate and Snow in Banff/Canmore Alberta – a snowboard shop with a different attitude. We wanted a point of sale system that was easy to use. It needed to be reliable and also multifunctional with its reporting. Before Retail Pro, we had a non friendly POS program! We have been with Retail Pro for 10 years. The implementation was incredible. Their help with the changeover was wonderful. They were friendly, courteous, humorous, and efficient. It took them about 2 days to finalize everything, which was pretty incredible. Honestly, when we train new people for our team, it takes less than 15 minutes to get them to understand how to use most of the sale portion of the program. The customer support is great. All of the techs are really helpful, friendly, and patient! We always receive the help we need. Benefits have included: *quicker transactions *ease of creating customer accounts *endless reporting options; you can pretty much create any report that you can think of.
- Dave Carlson, Unlimited Skate and Snow, Banff & Canmore, Alberta
We utilize Retail Pro in every facet of our business: from Online to our Retail Store. Reporting, Inventory Management, Point of Sale and integration into our A/P & A/R are all essential functions, and Retail Pro makes them efficient for our business. The reporting, details, and back-end support are extremely important when we are running a business 24/7.
- Jonathon Wynn, Gear Up For Outdoors, Thunder Bay, Ontario
I have been using CRS for 2–3 years now and their products are very easy to use. Of all the people I have dealt with I find CRS to be the most painless to work with!”
- C4 Boardwear, Swift Current, SK
The support from CRS is excellent!
- And All That Jazz Inc. Sherwood Park, Alberta
CRS has helped us grow and expand our business!
- Bishop’s Cellars, Halifax, NS
The whole system itself has made our store grow and be more organized. It has made our lives so much easier!
- Solid Skateboard Shop, Sherwood Park, Alberta
CRS has been quick to respond and excellent in customer service.
- Levi Stores, Vancouver Island, British Columbia
I have used other retail systems in the past and I don’t think there is a better one out there than Retail Pro
- YoMama Maternity Boutique, Edmonton, Alberta
We had complete confidence in the CRS Team and Retail Pro to meet our needs. I was so impressed with the attention to detail that my account manager at CRS and the rest of the technical team paid to my business. We had a great experience with CRS! It is for this reason that I have continued using CRS for other projects.
- Curtis Bechdel, Arts and Exhibitions, Worldwide