Since 1991 CRS has provided comprehensive retail software, inventory planning (open to buy) and management solutions empowering retailers in Canada and around the world. At our core we believe in having real and relevant relationships, offering solution-based sales and services, maintaining a client-centered bottom line focus and providing credible and complete care. We exist to make Retailers BETTER!

We are hiring BUT this is not simply a job. It’s a way of life!

The right candidate is not seeking a job but a lifestyle that ignites their passion and is visible in all they do. They have an immediate connection to our Core Philosophy (Service Above Self) and believe it is the foundation for all decisions.

At Canadian Retail Solutions we believe deeply that the right people are our greatest asset. We value people with high energy, who possess the ability to energize others. People who are smart, creative and have a point of view. People who see the answer in every problem, versus those who see the problem in every answer. People who are driven, determined, and won’t take no for an answer. We value team players, who are more concerned with what is right, rather than who is right.

In everything we do, our philosophy is simple: We want to surround ourselves with what we love. We want to lead our retailers to be their best and achieve their best life. We encourage laughter as well as thought. This is more than our way of selling and servicing solutions; it’s a way of life we highly recommend.

CRS is looking for an Account Manager – Solution Sales to work directly with our clients. The perfect candidate is passionate about RETAIL and energized by our brand. They possess natural leadership skills and are committed to inspiring others in a retail technology setting. They are innovators and are continually striving to improve. They embody the technology movement; they have a forward thinking mentality. They are enthused by real results and truly believe sales are a natural consequence to a series of positive, expressive encounters.

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