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The Best Shopping Experience EVER

The Best Shopping Experience EVER!! Someone asked me the other day what was my most positive shopping experience? Now you think it might take me a minute to come up with what my most positive shopping experience in my entire life has been? However it popped into my mind right away, and it truly has…

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Help your team be better prepared this Christmas Season

The old saying “Retail is detail” rings loud and true especially during the holiday season. The holiday season can be the time of year when store maintenance is over whelming, updating signage, and creating new displays can be time consuming, stocking and restocking can become tedious. At the same time customers are in a rush…

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Surviving the Christmas Retail Season

Surviving the retail Christmas shopping season doesn’t have to be difficult. Here are our top 5 tips to help retailers get through it easily. Train your staff Few investments pay greater dividends than retail sales training. Take time prior to the rush to train your staff on handling stressed customers, stock lookup, gift wrapping and…

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