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Why Knowledge is Key to Closing Sales

I had a really interesting thing happen to me when I was working the sales floor with one of my retailers. We had this woman and she came in and she was on a mission, she was looking for a very specific product that we had in stock. She came in and she knew more…

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Google Your Store

How do people find your store today? Customers may use their iPhone, Android, iPad, tablet, laptop or car but they ultimately will use a search engine to find you. Google is the GIANT. Estimates range between 65 and 70% of all searches are made with Google. There is a reason that the company name is also…

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Retail Council of Canada Webinars

In the case that you’ve missed one, The Retail Council of Canada is offers a list of recorded Webinars as a retailer resource on it’s website. Covering topics that range from staffing and managing to online marketing, there’s plenty of information for the watching, and something for everyone. Members can visit the Retail Council of…

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