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Retail customer batching, addressing old business models and the importance of owning the last mile

How do you go about finding your retail community? Interesting story and discussion about new pop up and rental opportunities. They say that dating before you get married is always a good idea and we discuss that…as it relates to retail. There were some interesting points brought up in a story about retailers needing to […]

Get your team better prepared for Omnichannel sales, summer store extensions and the challenge to reduce returns

How is your store doing as it relates to staffing preparedness and customer’s satisfaction in an omnichannel world? Dan shares some thoughts on this new and very important topic. While many food and beverage operators are taking advantage of them, are summer patio retail extensions something retailers should be doing to? A good discussion on […]

Important steps for your retail start up, partnerships and collaborations in the journey to earning retail profit.

Our first story talks about things that every retail entrepreneur should know before launching a business. In reality, it is a great list for any retail entrepreneur, no matter where you are at in your business journey. Great stories about partnership and collaboration. We chatted about a partnership between a department store and a boutique […]

Marketing to various mom segments, the right focus to build your team and customer loyalty

Some really interesting topics on this week’s podcast. We discussed the shopping habits of mothers across three distinct generational segments: TikTok Moms, Facebook Moms, and Mixtape Moms. Great little story about that. How about Amazon Eh?! A story about Hudsons Bay entering the digital selling game with an eye to dominate Canada. When it comes […]

A program for retailers to check out, fulfillment options, the state of retail in 2021, key retail metrics and more

We kicked it off with an interesting story about a new $25 million grant program for retailers. Dan shares some thoughts on why this Barterpay program is worth checking out. Big question posed. Why you should start (or buy) a fulfillment by Amazon Business in 2021. Dan reviews the pain points you might be experiencing […]

Time for a counterpunch, 6 trends to boost your e-commerce, retail collaboration, delivery options and a focus on cashflow.

Here’s a headline that we like to see: store openings are outpacing closures in 2021.An interesting story about the Top 6 Trends for Boosting Your E-commerce. Within the story are some great reminders and tips of things you need to consider for your e-commerce offering.A story about merchants collaborating together for their shared success and […]

The positive impact of local dollars, covid buying habits, bravery to start up, shrinkage and more

  Some great stuff on the Wealthy Retailer podcast this week. We discussed a story about where Canadians spent the most money during COVID-19 pandemic. More importantly, we talked about what it looks like for the next six months and how retailers can adjust and plan for this. Dan really emphasizes the power of local […]