Why Knowledge is Key to Closing Sales

I had a really interesting thing happen to me when I was working the sales floor with one of my retailers. We had this woman and she came in and she was on a mission, she was looking for a very specific product that we had in stock. She came in and she knew more…

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Your Bridge to the Future is NOW!

Look at Instagram, email marketing, videos, Facebook, and new and emerging social media. All have given new startups and incumbent retailers a phenomenal new path to be a part of their customers lives, every day. There are thousands of what we call “garage front” retailers. Fast Fashion and the Internet have created an easy access…

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How to improve your retail business by managing inventory

Canadian Retail Solutions - iPhone Shopping

Every single retailer I have ever chatted with has overbought inventory at one point or another. This is a fact of life. What do you do when you have too much inventory? There are three main strategies to reduce your excess inventory as a retailer. There’s a fast strategy—most commonly associated with an inventory blowout—or…

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