Technology for small and medium-sized businesses with big ambitions

Manage your inventory, service, data, staff, and customer relationships with a single technology provider: Lightspeed.

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Centralize purchasing and save time by ordering from integrated catalogs

Sell bundled, serialized or unique items and easily manage multiple variations

Track unit costs and dusty inventory, get low-stock alerts, and sell into the negatives

We help you transfer your stock, show you how your shiny POS works, and offer 24/7 support. You’ll be fine.

Empowered Retailers = Increased Profit

CRS Store

Point of sale

With our POS system, stocking is intuitive, selling is easy, and growth happens naturally.

Loyalty & CRM

Don't hope for customers to come back, give them a reason to do so with Lightspeed Loyalty.

Merchant services

With Lightspeed Payments, manage all transactions from one place and increase security.

eCommerce platform

Create your web store, no technical skills needed. Manage one stock for all your sales.

Are you ready?

Ensure your service is exactly what customers want. How? Let your point of sale tell you.
Customer profiles.
Purchase history.
Customer categories.
Lifetime value of shoppers.
Do more with your stock.
Customers have special requests all the time. Our POS makes it easy for you to deliver on your promise on time, every time.
Special orders.
Work orders management.
Purchase orders.

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