Who can you TRUST with your Retail Technology?

Computer failure. Ransomeware. Viruses. Data loss. Technology tragedies we all want to avoid. Who can you lean on for trusted technology help? Canadian Retail Solutions. Stop worrying about your IT systems and let our team of experts take your technology on. For a fixed monthly fee we look after your technology and we ensure that your company’s systems are up and running so that your team is able to be productive.

We help prevent computer issues that hurt your bottom line.

Our Managed IT group provides:

Pro-Active Support

Each month we check your systems to make sure they are running their best. This includes antivirus monitoring, Operating System updates, backup monitoring and more. We layout a plan for your computer hardware so that you have a computer that runs as fast as you do.

Technology Experts

There is always something new in technology. We keep pace and advise you on trends you need to know about. If you have a technology question we have a trustworthy answer.

Best Practices

We follow best practices so that you have the best results. You don’t have time for delays caused by technology so we look ahead so you can concentrate on all the other aspects of your business.

25 years in Technology

Canadian Retail Solutions has been helping businesses with technology for 25 years. We understand the challenges and workload that retailers face every day. Our Managed IT Services takes technology off of your plate and ensures your systems are reliable, secure and ready to keep up with you.