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Software Assurance is the "Anti-Depreciation" Solution for Your Retail Pro Software providing you with continuous software updates so that your retail management tools grow with your business. Software Assurance benefits include:

- ensuring progressive stability of a mission-critical part of your business
- maintaining uninterrupted access to the latest product updates, new feature releases and new feature enhancements
- preventing depreciation and extend value with added features for your retail management software investment
- staying relevant in a dynamic retail marketplace & capitalize on retail trends with the latest functionality.

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We value our customers and believe in providing them with a clear path to our newest retail software at far less than a market price.

We believe in “No Customer Left Behind”, so we guarantee transition paths to our latest products as customers trade-in the old to get the new.

Learn, Leverage and Excel

Software Assurance provides you with on-demand resources that help you learn your Retail Pro software, train staff, tailor the product to your business needs and maximize your ROI every step of the way. Visit now at

Retail Pro point of sale


  • Train and certify staff in your preferred format, at your own pace, anywhere
  • Access quick-reference video resources for specific feature walk-throughs
  • Reference complete product documentation libraries
  • Find new ways to derive more value from your Retail Pro platform
  • Save $1000s on training especially when bringing on board seasonal staff or maintaining high turnover staff roles
  • Save $1000s on support costs, since educated staff needs less support and troubleshooting help.
  • Save $1000s on expensive industry education seminars, because Retail Pro Customer Education Series events are free and near you.


We encourage creativity with our retail software, and free lab systems provided under the Retail Pro Software Assurance umbrella are just one way we help you accomplish your retail technology initiatives.

  • Test new workflows or integrations within a protected environment.
  • Predict live-environment impact.
  • Implement changes with confidence.
  • Free Lab System saves the equivalent of the entire cost of an additional Retail Pro license.
  • Reduce the risk of costly inefficient business processes or downtime.
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Train with the same Retail Pro University professionals who certify Retail Pro technical resources and Business Partners around the globe. Whether you are after comprehensive training, or a simple refresh on existing software capability, University can help.

  • Free Online Training: You pick your training time, place or pace
  • In the Classroom: Attend a class at Retail Pro Headquarters, or schedule an On-site training of your own
  • Via Retail Pro TV: Learn On-Demand with Free Access to Retail Pro TV on My Retail Pro Customer
  • Portal Resources: Gain Unlimited Access to Retail Pro Documentation & Customer Education Events


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Working with the entire CRS team is great! We have been fortunate to be in partnership with them for over four years. They are always willing to go above and beyond our expectations. As a team they come up with solutions to get through everything from an IT crisis to long term planning for the betterment and success of our business.

- Jocelyne, General Manager, Cowtown Edmonton, Alberta

Bella Maas Boutique

We have had the privilege to work with Dan and Canadian Retail Solutions for 5 years. He is honest, knowledgeable, and to the point. (The decimal point!) Thank you Dan & Canadian Retail Solutions!

- Lindsay, Bella Maas Boutique, St Albert & Sherwood Park, Alberta

Before CRS, it was as though I was trying to find my way in the dark. Through their insightful and personalized planning, I was able to manage my inventory much more effectively and give my business its best chance at success. I would suggest that every retailer, regardless of their years in business or level of experience, incorporate their planning strategies into their own business.

- Brad Leyden, Revolution Boutique Inc., Sherwood Park, Alberta

Canadian Retail Solutions has added an important new dynamic to our buying philosophy. By receiving extremely useful and timely information, our buying efforts are more targeted than ever before. Our consultant is so passionate, patient, and insightful—a great influence on my team and me.

- Retailer, Austin, Texas

Cloud Nine Pajamas

Canadian Retail Solutions has been a tremendous asset to our business. CRS has helped us get to the next level by reducing inventory levels, increasing sales and, most importantly, increasing profitability. They have become an integral part of our team.

- Robyn, Cloud Nine Pajamas, Edmonton, Alberta