Profit Performance Report

The PPR (Profit Performance Report) below has been generated using real client results over the last 12 months utilizing RetailORBIT and CRS Coaching.

*NOTE* The client's name has been withheld to protect their competitive advantage in their marketplace. 

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Store Profile: Furniture and Home Decor - Western United States



Profit Performance Report:

In the last 12 months using RetailORBIT and Canadian Retail Solutions coaching methods, this western US Furniture and Home Decor retailer achieved:

  • A 36% growth in annual sales.
  • An increase of 56% gross profit dollars
  • A $1.87 increase in gross margin return on investment
  • A 19% decrease in average inventory at cost


See below for their full KPI Performance...

Key MetricsJanuary 2018January 2019Change
Annual Sales (Last 12 Months)$3,350,681$4,554,170$1,193,489 (35.62%)
Initial Markup (IMU)53.97%61.09%7.12%
Markdowns (%)12.67%14.23%1.56%
MMU (Maintained Markup)48.14%55.55%7.41%
Gross Profit Dollars$1,613,018$2,524,286$911,286 (56.49%)
InventoryJanuary 2018January 2019Change
Inventory at Retail$1,560,592$1,451,411$-109,181 (-7.00%)
Inventory Turn2.132.870.74
Inventory at Cost$718,340$579,258$-139,082 (-19.36%)
Gross Margin Return on Investment$2.23$4.10$1.87
Freshness (90 Days)61.2%77.4%16.3%
Inventory Deviation (Retail Excess)$286,503$124,411$-162,092 (-56.58%)
Cash Margin$53.90$59.115.12%

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