Grow Your Business With a Retail Coach

It helps to have someone in your corner. From marketing questions to staff questions to inventory questions to merchandising questions and more, who can you turn to for answers? We have a team of retail coaches with retail experience here to help you.

Meet our Certified Retail Coaches. With more than a century of combined retail experience, we’ve seen just about everything that the retail industry can throw at business owners. All of our retail coaches and consultants have worked on the retail floor, have been retail managers or have owned their own retail store(s). We’re excited to use that retail experience and knowledge to help you succeed in your retail business. Utilizing the most sophisticated forecasting solution on the planet to help your business grow and succeed in today’s competitive retail environment.

Dan Holman - Canadian Retail Solutions

Dan Holman

Dan has spent more than 25 years in the retail and service industries. Specializing in marketing & business development, inventory planning, operations and customer driven sales management. He is an award-winning business coach with a proven understanding of what it takes to be successful as an entrepreneur. Dan spent 16 years in senior management and ownership roles with multi-store, home fashion retailers before joining Canadian Retail Solutions in 2013. As our CEO & Director of Retail Planning he works with clients coast to coast in Canada and throughout the US representing hundreds of retail categories.

Scott Smith - Retail Coach

Scott Smith

The success of independent retailers has become a lifelong passion for Scott. From his beginnings almost 30 years ago working on the sales floor in a small outdoor store, to today where he is a friend, partner, mentor and coach to so many incredible retailers around the world. Empowering retailers to truly take control of their businesses creates a ripple effect of positivity and happiness with employees, family and community. Retailers are so often the unsung heroes of our communities. It takes great courage and skill to survive in today’s retail business landscape. Scott has found true happiness serving retailers and assisting them in that path to ongoing success.

Kirsten Hynds - Retail Coach

Kirsten Hynds

Kirsten’s wealth of knowledge encompasses all aspects of retail business. In Kirsten’s 20 years in the industry, she has overseen sales, merchandising, marketing, buying, operations and management. Kirsten has been involved in taking businesses from start-up to chain, including hiring, opening new stores, and crafting policy and procedure. When she first started at CRS 12 years ago, Kirsten assisted retailers in making the best Point Of Sale software choice for their businesses. Over the last couple years Kirsten has helped to propel clients towards success with the Winning@Retail program. Kirsten's experience in Retail gives her a distinct advantage in helping Retailers succeed.

Marc Headshot Revised

Marc Beerling

Marc joins the CRS team with 15+ years in retail. He has worn every hat a retailer can wear and now puts his experience and expertise to work helping other retailers increase sales, improve cash flow and ultimately improve profitability. He often says with a grin that he’s “Proudly made every mistake you can possibly make in retail and business ownership. Thankfully, I’ve learned from every single one of them.” Marc began as a Canadian Retail Solutions client in 2012. He saw the science behind it work so well as a tool in his business, that it was soon apparent that he needed to learn how to help other retailers, whether large or small, turn their business around, become profitable, improve cash flow and more importantly help retailers sleep at night!

Janel Dickin - Retail Coach

Janel Dickin

Janel (can’t believe she) has been in retail for 20 years! She has been operating her own boutique since 2010, so has a great understanding of all-things-retail. Janel sees the big picture, offers creative solutions to problems and is passionate about helping retailers succeed. In 2012, Janel became a RetailORBIT® user and asserts her business would not exist in the capacity it does without the comprehensive business coaching she has received. Janel brings two decades of practical experience in retail to her portfolio as a Retail Business Coach. Janel is thrilled to partner with Canadian Retail Solutions and RetailORBIT® so she can help YOU succeed the way she has!

Carrie Watson Retail Coach

Carrie Watson

Carrie started her retail life working at Fossil Inc. for 3 years where she discovered merchandise planning. She eventually moved to Austin to join the buying team of a specialty outdoor retailer for 5 years. As the retail merchandise manager, Carrie used RetailORBIT® with her buying team with efficiency and confidence. She experienced the benefits of using this system first hand and decided to help others discover this phenomenal platform.

Carrie's passion is to encourage communal commerce by coaching its retailers. Her mission is help business owners and buyers find peace of mind by adding stability to their cash flow and encouraging sustainable operations. Retail coaching with Carrie is a great way to find the balance.

Johnny McLellan Retail Coach

Johnny McLellan

Johnny’s retail background goes back over twenty years. His retail obsession started as a 15-year-old “shop kid” tuning skis in the back of the local ski shop. Since then, Johnny’s experience has included over a decade of retail entrepreneurship, highlighted by the creation and operation of a high-end Outdoor Sporting Goods retail business. Johnny’s passion is finding out what is possible within the modern retail environment. From new technology, to new ideas, Johnny works with like-minded retailers to uncover the strategies and tactics that produce results in this ever-changing retail landscape.