Carrie Watson Retail Coach

Carrie Watson, Retail Coach

Carrie's passion for retail started on the front lines where, as a retail merchandise manager, she witnessed firsthand the success of merchandise planning. See Carrie in action in the videos below.

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Financial Statements… UGH!!

Buyer Motivation: Part 2 - The permission to say no!

Why the goal to grow sales can be toxic to your business

Shifting Consumer Behaviors

ROI for Retailers

Who is Carrie Watson

Initial Mark Up

Maintained Mark Up, What How

Buy With Confidence!!

Knowledge is key to closing SALES!

Pre- Buying Prep Work

Buyer Motivation: Part 1 - Vision, Education, Inspiration

Buyer Motivation: Part 3 - Positive Relationships

Buyer Motivation: Part 4 - Setting and Achieving Goals

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