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1. Experienced Coaches

Our Retail Coaches have seen enough to know it all. With decades of experience, they know what retailers need to do to adapt to any situation.

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Learning from the best is only valuable if you can develop new skills. Our Retail Coaches aim to give you knowledge that you can use and adapt to your business.

3. Increase Profits

Now that you know what to do, put your new skills to the test. Use our knowledge and your resources to increase profits to drive your business.

Our Video Library

Explore our Video library page where you will find Webinar, Seminar and Coaching videos. These resources include retail best practices, inventory planning tips, marketing advice, point of sale information and much more. To speak directly with a Retail Coach call 1-800-725-6810 ext 206.

Retail Webinars

This collection of Retail Webinars will help you discover how planning will increase profits and lower costs for your business.

True Customer Loyalty - the Wealthy Retailer™ Part VIII

12 Steps to Retail WEALTH - the WEALTHY retailer™ Part I

Merchandising 101 - the Wealthy Retailer™ Part VII

Retail KPIs - How is your business REALLY doing? - the Wealthy Retailer™ Part VI

Psychology of Price: The Markup and Markdown Game

How to Extend Your Holiday Sales Momentum through 2019 Using Data AI

The Next-Gen Store: Omnichannel delivers surprising results for mid-market retail

Retail Math, Made Easy - the Wealthy Retailer™ Part V

ROI for Retailers

The HEART of your business = YOUR INVENTORY

Retail is Our Passion

Customer Driven Selling - the Wealthy Retailer™ Part IV

Retail Health Assessment - the WEALTHY retailer™ Part II

Open To Buy, Made Easy - the WEALTHY retailer™ Series Part III

Retail Seminars

This collection of Retail Seminars will help you discover how planning will increase profits and lower costs for your business.

Inventory= High Risk Asset

Retail KPI s - Grassroots Connect 2018

Retail Math - Grassroots Connect 2018

Retail Wealth - Grassroots Connect 2018

Retailer Self Assessment: Best Stories

Merchandising 101

How to Extend Your Holiday Sales Momentum through 2019 Using Data AI

Retail Coaching

Leverage the expertise of Canadian Retail Solutions coaches to increase profits and lower costs for your business.

3 Tips for your upcoming Market trip...

3 Tips to speed up physical inventories

Returns are an opportunity!

3 Principles Businesses Can Learn From Moneyball

By Design or Default

Financial Statements… UGH!!

Purchase Orders, YES!!!

Hitting The Ceiling - Evolutionary Growth

Narrow Deep! The ultimate merchandising strategy

Online - Yay or Nay

Follow Up with YOUR Customers!!

Why the goal to grow sales can be toxic to your business

Vendors Shipping Late?

5 Trade Show Tips

How do you know when to keep or kill a brand in your store?

Scarcity – What does it mean to my store

Retail Advice from Coach Indie Retailer; Janel Dickin

Secrets to beating the Big Boxers

Financial Fears - Gone in 3 minutes

6 Essential Elements of a Winning Independent Retail Strategy

Record-breaking, Gold Medal-Winning retail stores need great coaches

Maintained Mark Up, What How

Initial Mark Up

Quick Cash… Simple strategies

How Do WE Remain Relevant?

Buy With Confidence!!

S.E.R.V.A.N.T. Leadership Defined

Knowledge is key to closing SALES!

Are you a great Retailer OR are you just great at what you are retailing?

Vendor Pre-Packs 1-2-2-2-1

The Paradox of Choice

Embracing Markdowns - Why, When and How…

12 Steps to Retail Success

Measure twice, buy once!

Is your store FRESH??

3 Strategies to achieve a “FRESH” inventory

What are your Differentiators?

How are you evolving as a retailer?

What Makes A GREAT Retailer?

Buyer Motivation: Part 2 - The permission to say no!

Buyer Motivation: Part 4 - Setting and Achieving Goals

Buyer Motivation: Part 3 - Positive Relationships

Buyer Motivation: Part 1 - Vision, Education, Inspiration

Are you an Evangelistic Buyer??

Who is Carrie Watson

Pre- Buying Prep Work

Do you have too many vendors?

Sell Thru, Every Buyer s Secret Weapon

3 key metrics EVERY sales team needs to measure and change...

3 MUST have traits in GREAT buyers

White Paper Profit VS Cash Profit

Get on a Plan for your SUCCESS

Reason vs Excuse

Is it a POS or is it a P.O.S.?

Meaningful Categories are a MUST in your store!

Authenticity DOES Impact your Store!

Vendor Relationships are KEY to winning at Retail!

Excess Inventory - what should you do...

Carrie Talks GMROI

Kirsten Hynds - Retail Coach

Expenses vs Sales Growth

Open To Buy With Marc

What makes customers BUY in your store?

Are markdowns holding your cash hostage?

Retail is Our Passion

The HEART of your business = YOUR INVENTORY