Reduced Markdowns, Increased Sales, More CASH


Grow Profitable Sales

Use in-depth logical and statistical analysis to provide a more objective view of your business. Use this information to grow your profitable sales.


Maximize ROI

Our Retail Coaches are trained to forecast where your business is headed. Work with us to understand the data to maximize on your return on investment!


Sustain Your Business

Keep your business healthy with our high-tech, high-tough approach to merchandise planning. Use our insights to lead in your retail market.

Who are we?

Canadian Retail Solutions started in 1991 to secure a brighter future for independent retailers. Our mission is simple – We Exist to Make Retailers Better. Today we combine our expertise in POS software & technology with Retail Business Coaching. CRS is a company that can provide a full retail experience, and we offer solutions to challenges Retailers face today.

We understand that the cornerstones of a successful store begin with the circle of retail life – managing your inventory, providing exceptional customer service, and tracking sales. Reviewing all this data to plan for the future completes the circle. We use Retail Orbit® to take this data, and create actionable plans that our experienced coaches use to help you drive your business. It is what we like to refer to as The Science behind The Art of Retail. We meet monthly, and are available daily, to work with you to make your Retail operation the best is can be.

What does this look like?

Every month our high-tech/high-touch approach gives you:

  • 12-month sales forecast
  • 12-month inventory demand forecast
  • 12-month open to buy budgets by category

These create a roadmap to:

  • Higher sales
  • Fewer markdowns
  • The right inventory in the right category at the right time
  • The cash flow that allows you to steer your business

Why work with us?

Retail. It's our passion. We believe in the importance of independent specialty retailers like you. Our satisfaction comes from helping you achieve financial security. We bring a solid plan, experience and optimism. We love retailers.

Retail is inventory. It's your biggest asset and your biggest expense. You can't live with it, and you can't live without it. If you have the right product = more customers, in the right categories = more market share, at the right time = = more cash flow; then success will follow. If you don't have this then markdowns will kill your profit margin and squeeze your cashflow.

As you know inventory = cash flow. Inventory is a high risk asset. No cash flow = no inventory. As Warren Buffett says "Risk comes from not knowing what you are doing." You need a plan...a roadmap to help you maneuver between your inventory and your cash flow. We focus on creating a balance that invests in the right categories so your inventory flows and peaks at the right time to grow your business and capture market share.

Using the power behind Retail Orbit® we will give you a custom plan that guides you through the inventory maze that will give you peace of mind knowing you have an inventory management plan that is working for you. The plan is working to provide you with the security and profits you have always dreamed of.

Not all plans are created equal. You want a plan that is accurate and proven. CRS and Retail Orbit® put years of retail experience and 30 years of trending and demand forecasting behind your business.

merchandise plan
Retail ORBIT® merchandise planning

Why CRS is a Certified RetailORBIT® provider

Canadian Retail Solutions (CRS) has been a leading Point of Sale software provider for over 26 years and we pride ourselves on providing the best retail and technology products for our retail clients. The problem is that a point of sale only goes so far in allowing businesses to plan for their future, both short-term and long-term. A retail business cannot live or die by quarterly sales projections; it must be able to analyze inventory and sales on the fly and be able to change course on a day-to-day basis to stay profitable.

Coaching with RetailORBIT® takes inventory and financial analysis to a new level. With its proprietary system that takes info from a retailer’s POS system, accounting software and other mediums and uses all available data to build a future retail plan based on many variables. This very intuitive tool helps your business rapidly adapt to changing market needs, something you simply cannot do with the current products on the market. At CRS we believe in the power of RetailORBIT so much that we’ve become Certified Providers.