Retail E-commerce: Your key to the global marketplace

1. Grow Profits

Take your business to new levels by taking advantage of the growing e-commerce trend. Capture customers that can't reach your location to drive profits.

2. Flexible Tech

By choosing our services, you're working with an experienced team that will provide you with flexible and collaborative e-commerce products and services.

3. Retail Pro

Our services are being directly integrated with the Retail Pro community. Retail Dimensions has integrated with more 800 Retail Pro users and deployed more than 400 websites.

At Canadian Retail Solutions (CRS), we look at every way we can help grow our client’s profits, increase their exposure, and enhance their brand’s recognition. We have partnered with Retail Dimensions who is the most experienced, flexible and collaborative provider of e-commerce products and services serving the Retail Pro community in the world. RDi has integrated over 800 Retail Pro users to the most popular e-commerce platforms of the day as well as built and deployed over 400 websites. Whether connecting an existing site to Retail Pro or wanting to get it all in one place, RDi’s approach to e-commerce is to fit the retailers needs and requirements not fit you into their box.

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CRS and RDi offer the latest in high-powered web and e-commerce business solutions.

RDi’s Ecommerce Solutions put the power of technology to work for your online store, establishing your business on a world stage and helping you to stay competitive in today’s ever-changing, globalized retail industry. Retail Dimensions offers integration to Magento, Amazon, Shopify and more!

Ecommerce Tracking

Seamless Integration

Automatically synchronize your products, clients, and sales orders between physical and online stores to reduce workload and maintenance.

Search Engine Optimization

Ensure optimal visibility through search engine submissions to increase exposure and drive traffic.

Easy Updates

Allows quick and easy updating of products featured in your online store. No duplicate entries are required.

Customer-specific Options

Offers a range of customer-specific pricing, e-coupon, suggested selling, and gift certificate options to keep your customers buying more.


Instills consumer confidence through sophisticated security features. This creates increased trust between customers and your brand.

Unlimited Possibilities

Supports unlimited products and categories to provide your business complete customization.