Retail Sales Academy - Higher Sales and Happier Customers

Sales increases and better customer experiences are driven by your well-trained sales force. Our clients find the secret to success is found within their most valuable asset: their people.

Retail Sales Academy is an interactive, online program where your team will learn an exclusive sales process, the 6 Steps to the Perfect Purchase, in 30, bite-sized lessons. The lessons are fun, fast-paced, and positive – designed to not only teach, but also to engage your sales staff. They’ll finish the program excited about being a retail sales person and confident that they can do the job.

WhizBang! Retail Training helps retailers of all sizes build great stores. Retail Sales Academy and the Retail Mastery System will help both brand new retailers as well as seasoned owners and multi-store chains.

Retail Sales Academy

1. Shop Happy

The best sales person knows to engage with customers in a real and authentic way. Helping a customer achieve happiness is key to creating repeat customers.

2. Increase Sales

Retail Sales Academy helps everyone on your staff be the best sales people they can be. That means higher average tickets, more transactions, and better cash flow.

3. Worry-free

Train your employees instantly. That means you spend less time developing training and more time enjoying highly trained employees.

Retail Sales Academy
Whizbang Retail Training

Retail Sales Training – Anytime. Anywhere.

The Retail Sales Academy is available on desktops, tablets, and phones. Your staff can train in or out of your store …any time of day.

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Better Business, Higher Sales, Less Stress – Guaranteed!

The Retail Mastery System 2.0 is the most comprehensive business-building resource ever assembled for retailers like you. It spells out EXACTLY what you can do to get more profit and performance from your business – no matter what’s happening in the economy. With 11 different modules, each focused on one of the 11 critical elements of your business, the Retail Mastery System 2.0 will help you become a master of:

Staff Development


Digital Marketing

Customer Service


Store Operations

Visual Merchandising

Inventory Management

Assortment Planning

Financial Management

Personal Business Skills