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From the latest Point of Sale software to Merchandise Intelligence with Open to Buy plans, and much more we have the retail solutions to make your Retail store(s) more successful. Let us help you find your cutting-edge Retail solution today.

CEO, Director of Retail Planning


Dan has spent more than 25 years in the retail and service industries. Specializing in marketing & business development, inventory planning, operations and customer driven sales management. He is an award winning business coach with a proven understanding of what it takes to be successful as an entrepreneur. Dan spent 16 years in senior management and ownership roles with multi-store retailers before joining Canadian Retail Solutions as their CEO, Director of Retail Planning. Dan works directly with clients coast to coast representing hundreds of retail categories. He is the founder of The Wealthy Retailer™, a boutique consulting firm guiding independent retailers to growth, improved profitability and more cash.

COLIN bates
Senior Project Manager


Meet the leader of Professional Services here at CRS… Colin is not only our most senior team member (you can tell by his hair) but also our go-to-guy for any technical guidance, R&D and data policing. He is born and bred to lead the technology needs in your retail business.

Noah Tavares
General Manager


Noah is an innovative, flexible, service-above-self retail professional with over 25 years of experience working in leadership and customer support roles within complex and high-energy national organizations. No project is to small or too big for Noah and his team here at CRS.

Operations Manager


When your system goes down Mustafa is one of a team of 6 technical support gurus that will get you and your store back online! P.S. this guy is a closet codemonkey (programmer) with mad skillz and has created his first computer program “Hello World”.



Candice not only looks after all money in and out, she reins in us over-spenders and keeps us fiscally responsible. Oh, she is also the first voice your hear when you call 🙂 If you need help with invoicing, accounts payable or any admin guidance, don’t hesitate to reach out.

Ian McInnes
Business Development Manager


Ian brings us a very “customer first” attitude. He is committed to every retailer that he deals with and ensures he gets to know their businesses to provide the best solution and maximize success. He promotes having more than just an out of the box POS system and wants our customers to get the most from their investment. When working with Ian, clients can expect a friendly, easy going and thorough process with thoughtful suggestions on how to strengthen their business.

Technical Account Manager


Eduardo’s greatest asset is his commitment to not only helping our customers but to improving their businesses, thus he carries a dual role for CRS. Part of his time is spent as one of our tier 2 technical support agents assisting with any help our POS clients need. The other part, he spends ensuring all existing customer health checks are conducted regularly and that their current needs are being met as well as their future needs. Eduardo handles our inside sales and works with our existing customers sales requirements including software upgrades and add-ons, additional hardware and consumables.

Alexandra Duellick
Sales and Marketing Coordinator


Alexandra brings our team a tremendous creative flair and positive energy which comes through in our social media and advertising presence. She keeps our customers and retailers everywhere informed of important industry happenings, product development, exciting offers and great retailer tips for improving and maintaining their business. Alexandra keeps up on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and various other marketing/advertising avenues for CRS. In addition, she manages our customer database records and provides support for our sales and service team. Customers and colleagues alike always enjoy talking to and dealing with Alexandra.

Tim Parker
Technical support specialist


Tim is part of our team of technical support specialists ready to help you and your store when needed! Each time you call into the CRS Support Centre, his calm and friendly greeting is usually the first voice you will hear, as Tim is our Support Triage caretaker. He looks forward to providing the timely support that you are looking for and manages escalation where required. Tim brings over 10 years of high level IT expertise to CRS and is ready to take care of our Retail Operations Partners.

Ken Isla
Technical Support Specialist


Ken is the newest Retail Pro certified team member here at CRS, and while he is young to us, he does bring 10-years of support technician experience to our team. His positive attitude and tremendous customer service skills make interactions very easy going when he is involved. Ken is very dedicated to delivering the best service to all retail partners and this makes him a great colleague to all of us here!