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Let the experts at Canadian Retail Solutions help you source your point of sale (POS) hardware for your retail sales station(s) – whether it’s the POS monitor you operate on or the barcode scanner, receipt printer, cash drawer, or even customer display pole you want to add onto it, we can help!

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When it comes to sourcing the hardware for your retail store’s workstation, there are a few different things to keep in mind. Every piece of equipment must be compatible with not only each other, but also the POS software you’re on! This means research on system requirements, knowing the connectivity options available on each piece of equipment, and some knowledge on what all of that means! 

The experts at Canadian Retail Solutions will take care of this for you! Our team has extensive knowledge on what hardware solutions work best for YOUR specific business needs!

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Save Yourself the Hassle – Bundle Up!

Let us simplify the ENTIRE process for you with these prebuilt workstation bundles! This one-stop shop will give you everything you need to make sure you can run your day-to-day operations with ease! 

AIO POS Station

Compatible with MOST On-Premises POS Systems

PC Based All-in-One (AIO) System

Includes: AIO PC, Cash Drawer, Scanner, Receipt Printer
* options available

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iPad POS Station

Compatible with MOST Cloud and App Based POS Systems

Perfect Pairings for a Wireless System

Includes: iPad, Stand, Cash Drawer, Scanner, Receipt Printer
* options available

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Peripheral Bundle

Compatibility Check with Existing Hardware and POS System Recommended 

The “Extras” in One Easy Package

Includes: Cash Drawer, Scanner, Receipt Printer, Label Printer
* options available

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Top Sellers

While our team can technically source almost any kind of hardware a retailer may want or need, no matter what the style or brand may be, we have our go-to solutions that are tested in the field and proven to be efficient for retailers of ALL different sizes and verticals! Our Professional Services team also has the most experience with these products, giving us a leg up in set up and support!

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Introducing the

Unitech HT330 Inventory Scanner for Retail Pro

Retail Pro users know better than anyone the struggle with doing your physical inventory without a scanner that connects with your point of sale system. The dreaded information push from your scanning software to your point of sale system is often a manual process that takes time and leaves room for potential errors.

That’s why the experts here at Canadian Retail Solutions have developed our in-house solution for Retail Pro users on legacy version 9 or Prism! 

This highly efficient inventory management solution comes pre-programmed on the Unitech HT330 scanner – a rugged handheld terminal that boasts high performance capabilities and a long-lasting battery life (so you can get the job done in one go).

It’s MORE Than Just a Sales Transaction

Sourcing your POS hardware and peripherals though Canadian Retail Solutions goes further than the sale of the product…

Discover Game Changing Inventory Management Technology