Electronic Payment Processing for Retail Pro

An integrated payment processing solution for Retail Pro has been a common challenge for retailers across the board. Retailers have had to utilize standalone payment processing solutions, which doubles up on their steps to close out a transaction. A lot of the times, these processors malfunction and can cause major headaches for store clerks.

Our professional services team has heard the frustrations from our Retail Pro users, and our in-house development team has produced the seamless integrated payment solution everyone’s been waiting for!

We’ve partnered with certified leading edge providers to ensure our Retail Pro users are getting top-of-the-line payment processing service!

Our electronic payment processing solution is so effective, most of our Retail Pro retailers have already made the switch! It’s even been made available in the Retail Pro Marketplace for users to purchase as a plug-in! Talk to us to get your Retail Pro system on to the CRS EFT solution TODAY!

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Disclaimer: The CRS EFT Solution integrates with Retail Pro version 9 and Prism in Canada only at this time.