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Retail News
July 9, 2020

Is it for you? What can the retailer enjoy from Barterpay, grassroots support program, getting phygital, incubators and more!

The things important to you, the independent retailer! On today's podcast, we chat about the opportunities for retailers with the Barterpay? How do retailers get involved? A new program called,…
Retail News
July 2, 2020

Overcoming the Covid backlog, customers longing for the human touch and estimates for retail this summer

Great info for you, the independent retailer! On today's podcast, Dan goes through the headlines and shares his retail expertise about the service and delivery backlog that Covid has created.…
Retail News
June 25, 2020

Eye up the brands you trust! Money help for retailers, Revenge shopping and more!

On today's podcast, Dan goes through the headlines and shares his retail expertise about the most trusted brands by Canadian Consumers. Saskatchewan performed much better than the nation when it…
Retail News
June 18, 2020

Future of Covid Pay? The Anti-Amazon option. Covid Surcharges and more

For the week of June 18, 2020 - On today's show, we discussed: What is the future of Covid Pay? Stats and they mean anything to retailers right now?…

Canadian Retail Solutions has been a tremendous asset to our business. CRS has helped us get to the next level by reducing inventory levels, increasing sales and, most importantly, increasing profitability. They have become an integral part of our team.

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