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Advanced Multi-Layered Data Protection & Monitoring for YOUR Retail Business

Cyber security is at the top of the list of concerns for business owners across the world.

As we continue to transition into a digitally dominant reality, the risk of cyber attacks continue to rise. Without the proper strategies in place, we are putting our business data into extremely vulnerable situations. Cyber attacks come in so many different forms, it often becomes difficult to know exactly how vulnerable we truly are, especially for those who may not be tech savvy. 

Ninja is the solution your retail business needs!


Advanced Network Monitoring

Proactive activity management to alert of potential issues and can be immediately resolved before they become a larger, and more costly, problem.


Preventative Device Maintenance 

Preventative device maintenance that’s all done silently in the background, so your employees are never disrupted.


Data Security & Backup

Monitors and deploys antivirus software, firewall configurations, manage and track back up jobs, and analyze traffic flow, allowing us to prevent, detect and react to potential threats.


Helpdesk & Onsite Support

Remote access provides quick and reliable support whenever you need it for any IT-related issues and disruptions.

State-of-the-Art Patch Management

Unpatched Software Puts YOUR Business at Risk!

57% of data breaches in 2018 could have been prevented by installing an available patch. Software developers create patches when a known threat is attempting to make a breach, but it’s quite common for software to remain unpatched simply due to the busy day-to-day operations that take the full attention business owners.

Ninja works silently in the background to automatically install available patches, and ensure your software is consistently up to date (without disrupting the day-to-day). With Ninja, you can confidently keep patching out of your head without the risk, so you can focus on the things that drive the success of your business!

Common Types of Cyber Attacks



Man-in-the-Middle (MITM)

Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS)

SQL Injection

Zero-Day Exploit

Password Attacks

Cross-Site Scripting

Brute Force

Ransomware is on the RISE

And the damage is More Severe than Ever!

Ransomware is a software designed to block access to your data until a sum of money is paid. In most cases, the data that’s been held captive won’t be fully recovered even after that sum is paid.

This software is getting more creative in their attacks. In 2018, roughly 75% of ransomware attacks involved wiping or encrypting both primary AND secondary back ups. In 2022, Canadians have been seeing ransomware attacks threatening clients and business partners in their crafty attempts to get paid.

Ninja prevents these ransomware attacks from happening, with early detection strategies and continuous system monitoring. In the unlikely event that an attack should slip through, Ninja also provides a quick and cost-efficient solution to minimize or eliminate damage and loss.

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