Improve Your Business with a Retail Coach

1. Fine-Tuned Retail

Fine-tune your business with a Canadian Retail Solutions Retail Coach! Retail Coaches guide store owners and leaders to develop their full potential and generate profit.


2. Flexible Role

Like an athletic coach, our Retail Coaches are flexible to any role. Whether you need a motivator, adviser, planner, or friend, our Coaches have you covered.


3. Free Assessment

Book a free, no obligation 15-minute conversation to learn how a coach can help you reach the next level of finely-tuned retail. Contact us to get started today!


Our Coaches. Your Results.

Inventory Management

Knowing how much inventory you need to drive sales to increase profits and decrease excess spending.

Accurate Sales Forecasting

Knowing what your sales will be in the future to boost inventory planning initiatives.

Open to Buy Budget

Knowing exactly what to buy and when to buy it to increase return on investment.

In-Store Promotional Planning

Knowing exactly what to put on sale and when to capitalize on opportunities to decrease gaps.

Expense Analysis

Knowing if your expenses are too high or too low to understand how you’re spending your hard-earned cash.

Profit and Cash Flow

Knowing that there is cash in the bank to help you make informed decisions about your finances.

Inventory Structure

Knowing your POS system is set up to drive results to increase revenue and profits.

Vendor Negotiations

Knowing how to work with your vendors for the Win-Win to give your customers the products they want.

Sales Training and Incentives

Knowing how to motivate your staff for greater results.


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Inventory Management

Our inventory manaegment solutions can help you manage your inventory with 94% accuracy. Some of the biggest complaints we hear are related to too much inventory, cashflow issues, and not having enough data to plan for inventory shortages. Contact a retail coach today to learn how you can overcome these obstacles and create greater profitability!

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The Retail Orbit® Advantage

Our Certified Coaches provide your business with fewer markdowns, improved cash margins, and a cash flow projection to help you stay focused on managing your business.


Gain decades of retail knowledge

Our retail coaches have more than a century of combined retail experience. That means we’ve seen just about everything the retail industry can throw at a business owner. Contact us today to learn how we use that knowledge, and RetailORBIT, to help your business succeed in today’s competitive retail environment.

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