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We will play offense in your business! We will focus on cash flow by optimizing the performance of your inventory. We will generate information that helps you capture market share and manage risk to grow the business profitably. We will provide the best system available to forecast sales and inflow. We will then provide a plan for your purchases and your markdowns in order to maximize cash flow.


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We have the plans to suit you and your business. From early stage discovery to the deep dive into your inventory, vendors and financial position, The Wealthy Retailer® will help you find the path to success in YOUR retail journey!

Retail is Our Passion!

We understand retail, open to buy planning, and the need to achieve financial security.

Our objective is to bring a solid plan, experience and optimism.

Retail Orbit® enables us to give you a custom plan that guides you through the inventory maze that will give you peace of mind knowing you have an inventory management plan that is working for you. The plan is working to provide you with the security and profits you have always dreamed of. Not all plans are created equal. You want a plan that is accurate and proven. The Wealthy Retailer® and Retail Orbit® put 25+ years of retail experience and 30+ years of trending and demand forecasting behind your business.

No two Retailers are the exact same and no two retail coaching plans are identical. We have created each of our packages to be tailored to suit today’s evolving Retailer.

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