CRS Data Shield

Multi-Layered Data Back-Up and Monitoring System

When it comes to data back-up, not all systems are built equally…

In fact, there is a RIGHT way to properly back-up your business data and many platforms on the market do not offer it.

Not only that, but many of these platforms also offer a simple copy-and-paste data back-up system, which doesn’t always ensure the data is actually backed up, especially for certain software. For example, Retail Pro data has to be backed up using a very specific process to ensure that if you need to access this data down the road, there’s a proper pathway to that data, whereas a copy-and-paste system would only provide a broken link.

The CRS Data Shield not only encompasses the best practices for business data back-up, but also meets the specific requirements for Retail Pro users! In addition, retailers can have complete peace of mind with the anti-virus protection and 24/7 monitoring built right in to the program!

Antivirus protection software

The best backup strategies have frontline protection against potential viruses and threats. The CRS Data Shield service includes top-of-the-line antivirus protection software, safeguarding your data through features such as:

Quarantine Suspicious Emails
Block Access to Insecure Websites
Regularly Scheduled Background Scans
Notifications of Virus’ Detected with Actionable Recommendations 

Multi Layered Back Up

Many retailers and small business owners back up their data onto a single backup location. However, the RIGHT backup system has MULTIPLE backup locations for optimal protection against cyber threats, human error, and physical acts of nature. The CRS Data Shield has 3 layers of data backup, ensuring your data is safeguarded at all times!


Customers receive a NAS storage device where all of their business data is backed up and stored onto. This is first level backup onto a physical device onsite. 


A customer’s business data is backed up and stored onto a NAS storage device at the CRS head office. This is second level backup onto a physical device offsite.


A customers business data is backed up and stored onto the CRS cloud storage. This is third level backup onto a cloud-based system offsite.

24/7 Monitoring

Retailers have complete peace of mind that their business data is ALWAYS protected and backed up safely with 24/7 monitoring. All backup layers are monitored by our in-house system to ensure everything is secure at all times and running efficiently. Our team is notified of any anomalies or failed backup procedures in real-time, which allows us to address and correct immediately

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