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Total Customization with an Open API

Retail Pro is best known for its completely open API, allowing for customization options unlike most other POS systems on the market! With the right Retail Operations Partner who has the capability to develop plug-ins and integrations, the functionality of Retail Pro is ENDLESS

Flexible User Interface
Retailers have total control of the look and feel of their POS software with the scriptable XML/CSS user interface, allowing them to tailor the product to their specific business needs, processes and brand! 

Intuitive, Adaptable Platform Design
The adaptable design of Retail Pro is capable of seamlessly integrating with current versions of ERP systems, loyalty programs, analytics and any other platform retailers may choose for their business!

Powerful Back Office

The right point of sale system ideally has all of the tools a retailer needs to effectively tackle day-to-day operations on the back end. Retail Pro’s powerful back office gives you the efficiency you need to intuitively manage:

– Inventory Strategies
– Customer Profiles
– Employee Profiles
– Custom Workflows 
– Promotions and Loyalty Programs
– User-Defined Security Groups
– And So Much More!

Take control of your retail business on a whole other level to ultimately improve sales, boost the customer experience and drive overall business growth!


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Point of Sale

Superior Reporting Capabilities

The data any point of sale system collects happens to be the most important information retailers need in order to gain a full understanding of their business performance and make the best decisions possible to fuel growth! How that data is reported on and what data comes out on that report is key!

Powered by Krunch Reporting, Retail Pro has superior reporting capabilities, allowing retailers to essentially report on ANY data points they could possibly want or need (even the user defined fields that may not already exist). 

– Endless Custom Reporting Potential
– Comprehensive Predefined Reports
– Powerful Ad Hoc Queries 
– Rich Visuals/Dimensional Analytics
– Interactive KPI Dashboards

Dig Deeper than Ever Before
Create complex queries using simple commands to slice, dice and sort data at the deepest level, gaining advanced insights into your retail business and allowing you to take action on operational improvements immediately!

Build the Ultimate CX

Retail Pro is designed with the customer experience in mind, giving you the tools you need to personalize each individual customer journey through your store! Gain insight into customer behaviors, easily set up promotions, add on extensive loyalty programs, and more! 

Omnichannel Operations
In todays retail world, a good customer experience begins with the omnichannel experience – the ability for the customer to easily shop within channels both on and offline. In a study conducted by the Aberdeen Group, companies with a solid omnichannel customer engagement strategy managed to keep an average of 89% of their customers, whereas those with a weak omnichannel strategy retained an average of 33%. 

With Retail Pro, retailers have the capability to view real time operations across ALL platforms, giving them reliable, unified retail data from one point of control! This is the perfect starting point for building your ultimate customer experience!

Grow with Retail Pro

For over 35 years, Retail Pro International has been evolving their point of sale technology as the industry itself evolves, ensuring retailers have the most modern functions and features to run their retail business as efficiently as possible! Part of this journey involves a thorough understanding of industry needs, including the ability for retailers to easily grow! 

Whether you’re adding on a new station to your current store location, setting up a whole new location altogether, or thinking about a global expansion, Retail Pro can easily grow as you grow, making it the last POS software you will ever need!

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Retail Pro POS Support

Our customer-focused, success driven Professional Services team are certified experts in all things Retail Pro! Discover a Retail Pro Support Plan that best suits YOUR retail business needs! 

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Are You Already a Retail Pro Customer Currently on Legacy Version 8 or 9?

It’s time to consider your crossgrade to the latest version of Retail Pro Prism. With these versions no longer receiving updates, you may be missing out on features that will boost your business growth on a whole other level! 

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Retail Pro Add-Ons

Optimize Your Business Operations

Not Only does Retail Pro POS help retailers manage, optimize, and ultimately grow their business through their robust and flexible point of sale software, but their industry-leading partnerships with software partners will help take business operations even further. In addition, with the Retail Pro App Market available with all kinds of integrations and plug-ins developed by partners around the world, retailers are sure to find the functionality they need no matter what their business requires! And if they can’t, their Retail Operations Partner can easily develop one with Retail Pro’s open API!

Our very own team of certified Retail Pro technicians have developed several different plug-ins and integrations that are proven to improve your day-to-day bottom line!

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