Ecommerce Integrations

Connecting Your Online Store with Your Brick-and-Mortar Locations

An Ecommerce Integration is the link between your online platform and your physical store(s). It acts as a bridge between the data accumulated in your point of sale system and the data accumulated from your online store, providing a seamless omnichannel experience for both retailers and customers alike. 

Not ALL Ecommerce Integrations are Created Equal…

…and not all ecommerce integrations work for every combination of POS and ecommerce platform. Our team can help determine which integration solution is right for YOUR business!

Why Integrate Your Online Store to Your POS

Have you ever run into an instance where a customer purchases an item online, but you already sold out of it in the store, and hadn’t had the chance to update your online store inventory yet? Have you had to experience the dreaded awkward phone call or email that you have to then make, explaining to the customer that you accidently oversold your product, and offer an exchange or a refund? 

An integration link between your online store and your brick-and-mortar locations eliminates the risk of overselling product, with the ability to keep inventory levels up-to-date in real time across both platforms based on the selling activity of the day. So when you sell out of that product in store, you can be sure that your online store has updated the product as well to show as “Out of Stock”.

Additional Benefits of Ecommerce Integration

Gather and consolidate data such as customer information, inventory information, and product interest from ALL of your selling channels into one convenient location for a more refined insight into your business 

Manage your online store products directly from your POS to reduce the amount of data entry required

Gain better control over your inventory management processes with accurate data reporting across ALL selling channels

Lets Chat About the Ecommerce Integration Solution for YOU

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