Legacy Retail Pro V8/V9 customers Crossgrade to

As a Retail Pro version 8 or version 9 user, you’ve likely heard ALL about Retail Pro Prism by now…and if you haven’t already taken the leap into your crossgrade, you likely have very specific reasons as to why

Prism has come a very long way since it’s very first version that was released in 2013. With the recent release of Prism 2.2, now is a perfect time to get started on your crossgrade! 

Retail Pro Prism

What You Gain

over 35 years of product evolution

The Retail Pro Journey

For more than 35 years, Retail Pro has been consistently evolving and improving their product, while always keeping in mind the latest retail market needs. In 2019, IHL named the first version of Retail Pro Prism as the #1 POS for Midmarket Retail, and since then, developers have been hard at work to continue to improve its quality and efficiency. Crossgrading YOUR version of Retail Pro to Prism is all part of the natural Retail Pro journey in order to continue to benefit from the software’s evolution.


Retail Pro Development Begins




Retail Pro Goes International




Multi-Subsidiary and Multi-Brand Features Introduced



Unlimited Inventory & Customer Features Introduced



First Release of Retail Pro Prism





Release of Retail Pro Prism 2!



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