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May 2024 Issue

Big Retailers Try Smaller Formats

article by Retail Pro, Apr 30, 2024

The retail landscape continues to evolve: big retailers are simultaneously expanding and contracting, and malls are examining their place among consumers. Somewhat paradoxically, customers seem to be gravitating toward smaller, more curated experiences from well known and respected brand names.Operational shifts and expansion like this requires flexibility and a broad network from a point of sale software system.

Retail Pro is an ideal partner for such moves, with Retail Pro Prism’s flexibility and partners spanning the US as well as across the world. While a significant — and growing — number of sales are made online, brick-and-mortar shopping continues to appeal to shoppers, especially those who have immediate needs, or want to inspect a product before buying.

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Canadian Retail Sees Strong Gains In February, Fueling Summer Shopping Speculation [JC Williams Group Analysis]

article by Retail Insider, Apr 25, 2024

February retail sales continued on a path of growth in Canada with All Stores growing 4.4% YOY. Discretionary spend grew to a similar extent with All Stores Less Automotive, Food, and Pharmacies up 4.5% YOY in February.

2024’s Valentine’s Day, as with previous years, has an impact on February’s retail sales. However, with continuous inflation in 2024, it was likely that sales would be impacted. RCC performed a study for 2024 Valentine’s Day, with some notable results for those taking part in the occasion:

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RetailNOW 2024

article by RSPA, Apr 25, 2024

The Wait is Over: RetailNOW 2024 Returns to Las Vegas!

The retail IT channel’s #1 trade show, education conference, and networking event is making its long-awaited return to the strip after a seven-year hiatus. RSPA is thrilled to host RetailNOW 2024 July 28-30 at the Paris Hotel in Las Vegas. 

RetailNOW will bring together leaders, innovators, and channel players to develop relationships necessary for any successful business within the restaurant, retail, grocery, and cannabis verticals. The diversity of attendees and exhibitors allows for the very best in education, thought leadership, and product availability.  

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Despite Economic Challenges, Edmonton Retail Leasing Market Experiences Growth and Expansion: JLL Report/Interview

article by Retail Insider, Apr 23, 2024

There is increased demand for retail space in Edmonton amid slowing retail sales, according to the latest Edmonton Retail Insight Spring 2024 report by commercial real estate firm JLL.

The Edmonton retail leasing market is experiencing increased net absorption and consistent leasing volumes and major international retailers, particularly in the athletic, fashion, and luxury sectors, are actively expanding their presence in the market, it said, adding that Edmonton’s consumer spending remains robust, suggesting that growth is still expected in the retail sector this year.

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Canadian Consumer Report by Adyen Reveals Key Insights on Shopping Trends, Payment Preferences, and Technological Advancements [Interview/Feature]

article by Retail Insider, Apr 18, 2024

In a rapidly changing retail environment, understanding consumer preferences and behaviours is key to success. Sander Meijers, Adyen’s manager in Canada, discusses insights from the newly released Canadian Consumer Report, which includes a detailed analysis of consumer shopping habits, expectations, and current trends. 

Based on a survey of 2,000 Canadian consumers and 500 businesses, it reveals new information on Buy Now, Pay Later options, different payment methods, and a demand for faster, technology-driven shopping experiences, especially regarding self checkouts. 

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Calgary Retail Leasing Market Thrives Amid High Demand and Diminishing Supply: JLL Report

article by Retail Insider, Apr 16, 2024

Sustained demand and decreasing availability are driving Calgary’s retail leasing market, according to a recent report from commercial real estate firm JLL.

The report, Calgary Retail Insight Spring 2024, said Calgary’s retail leasing market remains strong, with steady leasing volume and decreasing availability due to high demand and limited supply.

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Uncertainty Clouds Canadian Restaurant Industry, But There’s Zero Doubt About the Value of Tech & VARs

article by RSPA, Apr 10, 2024

I just returned from my third Restaurants Canada (RC) Show, held April 8-10 at the Enercare Centre in Toronto, which provided me with a perspective of the Canadian restaurant market across the past three years:

  • 2022 = Crawl: Surviving restauranteurs, bruised and battered, were finally beginning to emerge from COVID
  • 2023 = Walk: While the U.S. was back near a pre-COVID brisk pace, the Canadian restaurant market was still playing catchup and nursing persistent wounds
  • 2024 = Run, but with a slight limp: RC Show 2024 boasted the largest expo hall and strongest attendance I’ve seen to date, but many at the event were still not hitting full stride yet
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Cracking the Newcomer Code: Study Urges Canadian Retailers to Adapt for Inclusivity as Immigrants Reshape Retail Trends [Feature]

article by Retail Insider, Apr 10, 2024

As Canada welcomes an increasing number of diverse immigrants each year, retailers are urged to adapt to be inclusive. Ian Large, the executive vice president of Leger, discusses the challenges newcomers face, the impact on retail, and retail strategies coming from the first ever study: Cracking the Newcomer Code.

The report by Leger, which surveyed over two thousand recent immigrants, explores how newcomers are reshaping retail trends, from their immediate needs upon arrival, to their growing influence on the Canadian retail landscape. Leger is a national research and marketing company and has been around for about 37 years and has offices across Canada. The study was subdivided by those who have been here for less than five years and those who have been here from six to ten years.

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Retail United in Defiance Against Crime – Key Takeaways from the 2024 Retail Secure Conference

article by RCC, Apr 2, 2024

What drives over 300 retail loss prevention experts from across North America to meet in one location? The answer: The 2024 Retail Secure Conference. Hosted by the Retail Council of Canada (RCC) on March 21, 2024, in Mississauga, Ontario, this event was a defining moment in our joint efforts against retail crime. As RCC’s Loss Prevention Advisory Committee Chair and Regional Loss Prevention Business Partner at Giant Tiger, I felt a surge of energy and commitment from my peers, all determined to address the retail sector’s changing challenges.

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New Retail Being Added to Massive Multi-Phase ‘Galleria on the Park’ in Toronto [Interview/Renderings]

article by Retail Insider, Apr 2, 2024

The new master-planned community Galleria on the Park, at Dupont and Dufferin in Toronto, is ideally located in an area currently experiencing a major development boom, which is being accelerated by this massive project.

The development, by Almadev, will consist of eight buildings totalling 2,956 residential units and 279,000 square feet of commercial space. It will also have an eight-acre public park and a 95,000-square-foot community centre.

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Canada Ranks Highly for Seamless Retail Experience, Embracing Digital and In-Store Integration: KPMG Report 

article by Retail Insider, Apr 4, 2024

Canadian retailers are catching up to global peers on seamless commerce, according to a new KPMG International report.

The report said Canada emerged fourth among eight major countries in making retailing a simpler, friendlier and more convenient experience for consumers.

“Canadian retailers are making significant strides to build bridges across multiple channels – online and bricks and mortar – to become more efficient and improve the consumer shopping experience,” said Kostya Polyakov, Partner and National Leader for Consumer and Retail, KPMG in Canada.

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AI in Retail: Start Small and Think Big

article by Retail Dive, Apr 8, 2024

AI is changing every industry, so it’s no surprise it has the power to completely reshape the retail world for both business owners and shoppers. From streamlining everyday tasks to tracking inventory, polling employee sentiment and better serving customers, AI tools are empowering retail businesses of all sizes to work smarter while using fewer resources.

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How to Grow Your Email List: 5 Creative Strategies for Non-Beginners

article by Klaviyo, Apr 29, 2024

Email list growth strategies are more important now than they ever have been.

There are a few reasons for that:

  1. Over 76% of businesses of all sizes place email marketing in the top 3 ROI-generating marketing channels, according to Klaviyo’s marketing mix report.
  2. According to a 2023 GWI report representing more than 970K consumers, people are starting to use social media—particularly TikTok—in a more intentional way, as opposed to mindlessly scrolling. (Great for mental health; not so great for ads.)
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Ditch the Paper: How eReceipts Can Transform Your Business and the Environment

article by OptCulture

In an era where sustainability is not just appreciated but expected, businesses are increasingly turning to digital solutions to minimize their environmental impact while boosting efficiency. One significant step in this direction is the adoption of electronic receipts (eReceipts). By ditching traditional paper receipts, companies can save trees, reduce waste, and cut costs—all while providing a smoother and more modern customer experience. Let’s delve into the stats and facts that highlight the transformative power of eReceipts.

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April 2024 Issue

Why the Latest TikTok Ban Attempt is Different – and What it Means for Marketers (USA)

article by Retail Dive, Mar 26, 2024

TikTok is back in the hot seat — not that it ever really left — again facing threats of a nationwide ban in the U.S. under a proposed bill now in the hands of the Senate. The bill, which would force a sale of the app if it wishes to remain in the region, raises questions of how an evolving social media landscape could play into TikTok’s fate and what the impact may be for marketers.

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Canadian Businesses Grapple with Soaring Insolvencies as CEBA Loan Repayments Take Toll: Equifax Reports

article by Retail Insider, Mar 26, 2024

A new report by Equifax Canada indicates insolvencies are rising in the country amid mounting financial stress on Canadian businesses.

And the Canada Emergency Business Account (CEBA) loan repayment has added to that financial burden. 

“Canadian businesses are facing a perfect storm of economic pressures,” said Jeff Brown, Head of Commercial Solutions for Equifax Canada.

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How Canada’s Retail Sector Can Better Serve Families with Children [Interview]

article by Retail Insider, Mar 25, 2024

Despite the endless variety of retail options catering to adults, the younger demographic – especially those under 13 years-old – are highly undervalued. Lisa Hutcheson, a retail strategist and managing partner at J.C Williams Group, offers insights on missed opportunities, challenges, improvements, and new concepts and innovations such as merging toys and apparel. Currently, families are dealing with lack of quality, affordability, and diverse options – often ending with a frustrating shopping experience. 

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How to Overcome 5 Retail Industry Challenges

article by Retail Dive, Mar 25, 2024

In the retail industry, high turnover and low-profit margins create fierce competition and significant challenges as an employer.     

On top of the administrative tasks that keep your organization running smoothly behind the scenes, you’re competing against a growing number of businesses and the gig economy for workers, not to mention juggling schedules and managing the challenges of seasonality. While you’re striving to build a collaborative culture and develop employees with limited budgets and time constraints, you’re also navigating compliance and labor laws.  

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Canadian Retail Sales Promising for Some and Ominous for Others in January [J.C. Williams Group Analysis]

article by Retail Insider, Mar 24, 2024

January kicked off with stronger growth than December for Canadian retail sales, growing 2.9% YOY for All Stores. Discretionary spending grew to a similar degree, increasing 2.7% YOY for All Stores Less Automotive, Food, and Pharmacies. The year-to-date sales grew in 2023 over 2022 to 2.1% and 0.4% respectively.

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Return Policies Sway Customer Behavior: Survey

article by Retail Dive, Mar 21, 2024

The ICSC’s survey adds to the evidence that e-commerce means higher levels of returns.

A great majority of consumers who purposely over-order online are shopping for apparel: 87% of those surveyed said they order extra items to try on at home and return what they don’t want. Some retailers are instructing shoppers to keep items they want to return, with six in 10 survey respondents saying that retailers had given them full refunds and told them to keep their unwanted online purchases.

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Pinterest Showcases Enhanced Performance Capabilities to Power Retail Sales

article by Retail Insider, Mar 20, 2024

Pinterest is showcasing its newest and enhanced performance capabilities benefitting retailers. The platform has been expanding its functionality to make shopping an integrated part of the tailored customer experience. And get this: early results showed that the enhanced suite of lower funnel solutions drove a +90% increase in traffic1 and 28% more conversions2.

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AI in Fraud: The Digital Age Dilemma

article by RCC, Mar 19, 2024

The Competition Bureau Canada’s recent release (March 4, 2024) calls attention to the alarming rise of AI in fraud. In the past decade, Canadian fraud cases have soared from 79,000 to 150,000, a testament to fraudsters’ growing adeptness, aided by AI technology. AI is being exploited to craft convincing fake texts, emails, voice messages, and visuals, often impersonating reputable brands.

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Toronto Retail Market Stabilizes in 2024 with Economic Challenges and Limited Leasing Options: JLL Report

article by Retail Insider, Mar 17, 2024

In its latest Toronto Retail Insight, Spring 2024, commercial real estate firm JLL predicts a softer and more stable Toronto retail market this year.

The report said Toronto’s retail leasing market is stabilizing with a deceleration of rental growth. Limited leasing options and economic uncertainty are challenges for retailers, but demand for retail space exceeds supply. Overall retail sales have plateaued, but food services and certain retail sectors show growth, including shoes, health and personal care, and sporting goods.

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Learn the Truth About the Credit Card Competition Act (USA)

article by NRF, Mar 14, 2024

The banking industry will be in Washington, D.C., next week for its annual policy summit. Discussion points for the program may include topics such as how to grow its nearly 31% average profit margin (the highest of all U.S. industries) or how to deal with the numerous regulatory penalties levied against it.

The Credit Card Competition Act is certain to be on the agenda. The bill has clearly drawn the ire of the nation’s largest banks and payment networks, as they’ve spent $51 million to lobby against credit card reform. As they add more to that total when they take to Capitol Hill next week, U.S. businesses and consumers continue to feel the pain of a system that maximizes the profits of large financial institutions.

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Vancouver Retail Market Slows as Demand for Space Remains Strong: JLL Report

article by Retail Insider, Mar 11, 2024

Rising rents and a downtown recovery are fueling Vancouver’s retail market, says commercial real estate firm JLL.

“The Vancouver retail market is seeing increased demand even with economic uncertainty. Limited availability and rising rents are driving retailers to secure leases quickly,” said the company’s Vancouver Retail Insight, Spring 2024, report.

“Although retail sales have decelerated, some growth is expected in 2024, supported by a growing local tech sector and resilient consumer spending.

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Why It’s Important to Accept Mobile Payments for Small Businesses

article by RSPA, May 7, 2024

In an era dominated by technology, businesses must adapt to shifting consumer preferences, especially when it comes to payment methods. From Apple watches to Venmo, mobile payments offer a combination of convenience, safety, and security that’s unrivaled by most other payment methods.

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Retail Loyalty Programs in Canada: Booming Subscriptions but Lacklustre Engagement Challenge Retailers [Feature Interviews]

article by Retail Insider, Mar 4, 2024

As loyalty programs continue to rise in popularity, do they really meet consumer expectations? Jean-Pierre Lacroix, president of SLD, and Matthew Wilson, a communications expert at SLD, take a deeper look into the current state of loyalty programs, challenges, premium programs, and potential trends.

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Unlocking Recent Retail Trends, from Sales Forecasts to Tech Impact

article by Forbes, Mar 25, 2024

Last week, the retail economic indicators were cautiously optimistic, with decent growth predicted for US retail sales in 2024 and bright spots in UK consumer confidence in March. The industry learned through surveys that store employees want enabling technology and cite it as a reason to be loyal to a company, and that stores are better than online for both preventing returns (this isn’t a surprise but nice to see some data behind it) and for discovery, especially in fashion.

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‘Clunky’ Chatbots Disrupt Ecommerce Experiences, Survey Finds

article by Retail Dive, Mar 5, 2024

Companies looking to integrate customer-facing AI into digital experiences need to make sure they’re delivering value, not creating friction, according to Dave Howard, global marketing director of retail at Intellias. 

Integration should be seamless so that it’s not apparent where automation begins or ends, Howard said. However, transparency remains paramount. Shoppers want to know if a company is using AI — they just don’t want it to take them out of an already comfortable journey.

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Personalized Marketing: How to Build a Successful Strategy

article by Bazaar Voice, Mar 19, 2024

A lot of marketing feels like a bad date. You know, the kind where the person sitting across from you just talks about themselves and doesn’t ask you any questions to actually get to know you. By contrast, personalized marketing is like the person who actually wants to connect, and woo you with a conversation about your interests. 

Marketing personalization gets the second date — or in this case, clicks and conversions.

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44 Best Thank You for Your Purchase Messages

article by Shopify, Mar 10, 2024

Showing sincere appreciation is one of the easiest ways to build a closer relationship with your customers. It’s simple, but remarkably few companies ever take the time to genuinely show customer appreciation.

When it comes to standing out against entrenched competitors, it’s rarely practical to compete on price or efficiency. However, new and growing stores that focus on loyalty and word of mouth, can carve out their own place in the market.

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March 2024 Issue

Canadian Retail Investors Want Greater Transparency on AI Risk

article by Wealth Professional, Feb 29, 2024

Working out the pros and cons of artificial intelligence can be daunting, but investors want to know how it’s being used by the companies they invest in and the risks.

A new report from the Responsible Investment Association published today (Feb. 29) highlights the concerns that retail investors have about AI with 79% saying it’s important that their portfolio companies identity and mitigate potential risks and 74% wanting information about how companies are using and investing in it.

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Unprecedented Opportunity for Canadian Retailers to Sell to Consumers in China Online

article by Retail Insider, Feb 28, 2024

Canadian retailers and brands have a remarkable opportunity to sell to consumers in China, which has a population of more than 1.4 billion people and a middle class that spends on international goods. China is the world’s largest online consumer market with nearly 50% of global transactions, creating a great opportunity for Canadian businesses. 

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Canadian Retail Sales Dip: Year-End Drop In Discretionary Spending [J.C. Williams Group Analysis]

article by Retail Insider, Feb 25 2024

2023 Canadian retail sales ended in a lackluster way, growing only 0.9% YOY for All Stores in December. Discretionary spending decreased in December, decreasing -1.0% YOY for All Stores Less Automotive, Food, and Pharmacies. The year-to-date sales grew in 2023 over 2022 to 2.1% and 0.4% respectively. The economic conditions in December were not ideal considering inflation remained high, and there were numerous layoffs announced at the end of the year.

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Future Trends That Will Shape Consumer Behavior and Retail Operations

article by NRF, Feb 22, 2024

A trio of charismatic and insightful thought leaders shared their thoughts on what’s to come during NRF 2024: Retail’s Big Show, highlighting trends as diverse as consumer guardianship, function versus vibe in a physical store, and the need to be age-agnostic when it comes to products and services.

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January Inflation Eases

article by RCC, Feb 21, 2024

The Consumer Price Index (CPI) rose 2.9% on a year-over-year basis in January, following a 3.4% gain in December. The largest contributor to headline deceleration was lower year-over-year prices for gasoline in January (-4.0%) compared with December (+1.4%). 

Price growth for food purchased from stores slowed year over year in January (+3.4%) compared with December (+4.7%), putting downward pressure on the all-items CPI.  

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New Supply Chain Act Requirements for May 2024: RCC Member Briefing

article by RCC, Feb 21, 2024

This Friday, February 23, 2024 representatives from Public Safety Canada will be presenting to RCC’s Responsible Sourcing Committee on the requirements of the new Supply Chains Act (formerly Bill S-211). 

Under the new law, medium and large businesses are required to issue annual reports on what actions they are taking to reduce the risk of child and forced labour in their supply chains.  In December 2023, Public Safety Canada issued Guidance on compliance and the first reports are due by May 31, 2024. 

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What to Expect for the Canadian Retail and Hospitality Sectors in 2024 [Video Interview]

article by Retail Insider, Feb 15 ,2024

The Canadian retail sector in 2024 is a page out of a Charles Dickens novel where we had the best of times with robust consumer real estate construction and leasing activity with new retail brands expanding in the Canadian market along with sales surges in the luxury and value sectors, says Michael Kehoe, Broker/Owner of Fairfield Commercial Real Estate in Calgary.

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Interview on What it Takes: Lee Valley Tools Named Top Retailer in Ontario for Customer Service

article by Retail Insider, Feb 14, 2024

One thing Ottawa-based Lee Valley Tools has focused on over the years has been elevating the consumer experience.

It’s what the brand has become known for in the marketplace. And recently the retailer was recognized as the top retailer in Ontario with the annual WOW In-Store study, published by Leger.

Jason Tasse, President and Chief Operating Officer, said the company is exploring pop-up locations as well as a full store in Toronto as it expands its brand in Canada.

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Upcoming Consultation on Canadian Sustainability Disclosure Standards

article by RCC, Feb 13, 2024

The Canadian Sustainability Standards Board (CSSB) will be issuing proposals for its first standards, the Canadian Sustainability Disclosure Standards (CSDS) regarding climate-related disclosures and disclosure of sustainability-related financial information. The CSDS will be based on the International Sustainability Standards Board (ISSB) standards which were issued in June 2023 but will be modified in a Canadian context.

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Retail Burnout Crisis in Canada: The Call for Empathetic Leadership and Proactive Solutions Amid Operational Strains [Feature]

article by Retail Insider, Feb 13, 2024

Retail is seeing a growing concern of burnout among store managers due to operational pressures and the need for empathetic leadership. Miriam Feldman, a partner at fishRecruit for digital and retail practices, and Jeff Wahl, retail consultant at The Architect, share insights of retail burnout among managers. Here they dive into the issues, repercussions, and strategies.

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Record Surge in Canadian Insolvencies: Businesses and Consumers Battle Rising Costs Amid Economic Turmoil [Interview]

article by Retail Insider, Feb 11, 2024

Canadian business and consumer insolvencies are surging these days across the country as people continue to try to cope with rising costs and rising inflation.Citing data from the Office of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy (OSB), the Canadian Association of Insolvency and Restructuring Professionals (CAIRP) said business insolvencies in Canada surged by 41.4 per cent in 2023 compared to the previous year, the sharpest increase in 36 years of records from the Office.

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Retailers Go Beyond the Buzz to Explore AI’s Potential

article by NRF, Feb 7, 2024

If NRF 2024: Retail’s Big Show was any indication, the retail industry believes AI stands for “all in.”

With more than a dozen AI-specific exhibitors in the Innovation Lab and many more throughout the Expo, dedicated AI sessions, and statements from executives in sessions, artificial intelligence was a constant topic throughout the show. Many noted that the technology had gone beyond hype to include practical use cases and game-changing opportunities in areas such as personalization, shopper behavior, sales and service, training and talent development, operations and more.

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Vancouver’s Retail Landscape Thrives: Economic Growth, Tech Boom, and Tourism Fuel Expansion [Report/Interview]

article by Retail Insider, Feb 6, 2024

Vancouver is poised for outstanding growth over the next five years which is good news for retailers already there and those who want to join the burgeoning market.

The latest Vancouver Urban Retail Report, by real estate firm JLL, said the growth will be driven by impressive gains in population, GDP, and employment rate − all of which exceed the national average.

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Canadian Shoppers Frustrated by the Gap Between Digital Expectations and In-Store Tech Realities: Report

article by Retail Insider, Feb 11, 2024

The retail industry is facing a critical juncture where Canadian consumers are experiencing a disconnect between their shopping expectations and the in-store reality, according to technology company SOTI.

As the Canadian retail markets continue to evolve, the industry grapples with challenges rolling out in-store technology and integrating advanced AI technology, while continuing to optimize the supply chain and address ever-growing security concerns, it says.

According to SOTI’s new global retail report, Techspectations: Consumer Demand for Digital Transformation in Retail, 92 per cent of Canadian consumers have used in-store technology but many believe these devices make the shopping experience worse. Canadians cite challenges in-store such as a lack of staff to assist with issues relating to self-serve machines (73 per cent of users), while as many as 31 per cent stated that, despite visiting a store to buy goods, retail staff members had to order the item online using the store device regardless.

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Technology to Fuel Retailer Growth in Canada in 2024 [Video Interview]

article by Retail Insider, Feb 6, 2024

Canadian businesses are shifting from survival to growth mode in 2024 and technology such as Artificial Intelligence and automation is increasingly becoming more important in their operations – from restaurants to retailers to the beauty industry, according to Square’s fourth annual Future of Commerce report.

“Automation and AI are going to be key growth levers for restaurants in the coming year, though not in the way you may think,” said Ming-Tai Huh, General Manager of Square for Restaurants. “The vast majority of restaurants will be integrating AI into their operations in small, iterative ways – not through flashy robots but through automation in marketing or kitchen workflows – and these minor changes will add up to saved time and more profit.”

“For businesses, the future is looking cautiously optimistic, and business owners say they’re looking to grow despite diverging consumer economic sentiment,” said Matthew O’Connor, Head of Verticals and Platform at Square.

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How to Brand Your Business to Gain a Competitive Edge (2024)

article by Shopify, Feb 28, 2024

You have an innovative product, an air-tight business plan, and the chops to make it as an entrepreneur. But you’ll launch to the sound of crickets without compelling branding. The key to success is packaging your strengths into a brand that speaks to your target audience.

Selling a product or service isn’t enough in the competitive world of ecommerce. To stand out, you have to sell a feeling, a dream, a promise. Creating your brand means telling a story and translating that story into visual elements that build brand recognition.

What makes a customer buy one white t-shirt over another? An effective brand. What makes instant noodles more than a quick snack? Again, brand. In this guide, learn how to brand your business with advice from pros and real examples of businesses with winning brand strategies.

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20 Easy Easter Marketing Ideas to Get a Basketful of Customers

article by LocaliQ, Feb 26, 2024

Marketers and business owners always seem to be ahead of everyone else—they’re the first ones to think of winter holidays, Valentine’s Day…and Easter eggs and bunnies.

You guessed it—it’s time to hop on the bunny trail and start thinking about your Easter marketing and promotions. While not all of your customers may celebrate Easter (although 80% of Americans celebrated Easter last year), most people will welcome any additional opportunity for some savings, promotions, and fun.

To help you reach this audience, we’re sharing a basketful of Easter marketing ideas any business can try.

Easy Easter Marketing Ideas
Try these simple Easter marketing ideas to build and engage your audience leading up to this holiday.

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