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September 2023 Issue

The Retailer’s Guide to Planning a Profitable Event

article by Heartland, Aug 29, 2023

To succeed in retail today, you need to create a positive experience. With so much ecommerce competition, it takes more than great merchandise to bring shoppers into your physical store. But that right there is an advantage brick-and-mortar stores will always have over ecommerce: There is a physical space. And how you embrace that can make a huge difference in your sales, customer loyalty and the future of your brick-and-mortar.

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How Giving Back to the Community Can Elevate Your Brand and Help Grow Your Small Business

article by Heartland, Aug 22, 2023

Every day, more and more people step up to contribute to charities on an individual and corporate level. The reason is simple: Consumers care about making a difference. And research shows that their desire to do so affects where and how they choose to make their purchases, making philanthropy a powerful business tool. How your brand approaches giving back can make a big impact on your popularity, and profitability.

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Retail Leaders Struggle to Find Budget for Emerging Tech Goals, Study Finds

article by Retail Dive, Aug 22, 2023

Long before the recent peak in generative AI interest, emerging technology had to prove its business value. Leaders weigh the cost of launching new tech against the advantages it can produce.

Gartner expects AI deployments to have an immaterial impact on global IT spending levels this year. Instead of building standalone AI tools in-house, adoption will most likely pass through existing software platforms as vendors add new capabilities.

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Canadians Have Mixed Feelings About Security Measures in Retail: Leger Poll

article by Retail Insider, Aug 20, 2023

Recently, retail stores in Canada have faced criticism for implementing additional anti-theft measures to deter shoplifting.

But a recent poll by Leger indicates Canadians are most supportive of retailers implementing security cameras (88 per cent), electronic anti-theft alarms (85 per cent), and security guards (78 per cent).

The poll also found that Canadians are least supportive of retailers implementing limits to the number of customers allowed in stores (32 per cent), customers needing to leave bags in a locker/with an employee while shopping (32 per cent) and/or requiring customers to show ID to make a purchase (17 per cent).

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Amazon Brings Sponsored Product Ads to Third-Party Apps, Sites

article by Retail Dive, Aug 17, 2023

Amazon is looking to give brands more bang for their buck with an expanded footprint for its Sponsored Products ads. The new capability is part of Amazon’s ongoing efforts to keep its over 10-year-old ads product fresh in a rapidly evolving digital landscape that’s seen more retailers stand up advertising businesses.

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Canada’s Luxury Apparel Market Emerges as Global Contender Despite Challenges: Trendex Report

article by Retail Insider, Aug 15, 2023

The past three years have been a truly unprecedented period for luxury apparel retailing in Canada resulting in Canada being recognized as a major world wide market for luxury brands. 

During the period, while the size of the Canadian luxury apparel market decreased because of COVID, the competitive intensity within the market increased significantly along with an unprecedented luxury retailing construction related boom, says a new report by Trendex North America, a marketing research and consulting firm.

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What is Subscription Ecommerce – and How Can You Benefit?

article by Global Payments, Aug 14, 2023

Subscription ecommerce business has accelerated over the past decade, continuing at 71% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) by 2028. Proof of its popularity: 78% of adults worldwide currently have subscription services.

Subscription-based businesses have popped up to serve audiences across many industries. Coffee connoisseurs can have their favorite Kicking Horse Coffee delivered to their doorsteps every month. Pet lovers can upgrade monthly Woof Pack with recurring pet food, supplements and seasonal supplies.

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Canadian Business Associations Rally to Extend CEBA Repayment Deadline Amid Looming Crisis [Interviews]

article by Retail Insider, Aug 13, 2023

Industry associations representing thousands of Canadian businesses are urging Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland to extend the Canada Emergency Business Account (CEBA) repayment deadline.

Not doing so could put thousands of Canadian businesses at risk of closure. 

With the CEBA repayment deadline on Dec. 31, 2023, if the loan is not repaid by then, small business owners will lose the up to $20,000 forgivable portion and pay the entire amount at a five per cent interest rate.

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Blockchain Technology is Revolutionizing Payments

article by Global Payments, Aug 10, 2023

From science fiction to financial services, blockchain technology is gaining popularity. Especially in financial services. Payments accounted for 44% of global blockchain revenue in 2022. And by 2030, blockchain revenue is expected to reach $1.4 trillion worldwide.

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Retail Jobs Stay Flat in July: Statistics Canada

article by Retail Council of Canada (RCC), Aug 9, 2023

Canadian retail’s job market remained stagnant in July 2023, according to the latest report from Statistics Canada.

According to the report, retail jobs fell slightly year-over-year (-0.2%) and saw similar marginal gains (0.1%) from June 2023 to July 2023. A national downturn in roles was offset by increases seen in Quebec (8.8%, 537,000 jobs), Manitoba (15.2%, 77,200 jobs), and Nova Scotia (10%, 66,300 jobs). Province-by-province statistics can be found on RCC’s Retail Pulse Dashboard.

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Retailers Reconsider Self-Checkout Strategy as Theft Soars in Canada [Interview]

article by Retail Insider, Aug 7, 2023

It appears as if retailers, such as Walmart, are rethinking the self-checkout offering at stores and some retailers are either pulling them out or not launching them as theft related to a cashier-less experience continues to grow.

Melinda Deines, Strategist: Brand & Marketing with design consultancy SLD, said even a consumer who has little intention of stealing is more likely to do so at self-checkout. Consumers who are inclined to steal can now do so more easily.

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What’s Working For – and Against – Retailers Heading into the Holidays?

article by Retail Dive, Aug 2, 2023

As the summer winds down, retailers are preparing for the all-important back-to-school and holiday shopping seasons. So far in 2023, despite inflation, economic uncertainty and a prioritization of spending on experiences over goods, consumers have come through pretty well for the industry. Yet, even with the first half of the year over, it’s hard to know what’s ahead.

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Canadian Retailers Struggle to Innovate Loyalty Programs Amidst Consumer Dissatisfaction [Interview]

article by Retail Insider, Aug 1, 2023

When it comes to retail loyalty programs – is Canada falling behind? Lia Grimberg, a loyalty expert in Canada and Principle and Consultant at Radicle Loyalty says yes, and discusses the current state of loyalty along with its future.

Programs are everywhere and more brands are getting on board with having their own reward programs – however, the traditional “spend a dollar, earn a point” is causing programs to be the same and consumers are not seeing innovation.

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Cyber Attacks are on the RISE, and retailers without the right prevention and protection strategies are being hit HARD! Here are two stories from August from a couple of well-known retailers in North America:

Hot Topic Hit by Spree of Cyber Attacks

article by Retail Dive, Aug 3, 2023

The U.S. retail chain Hot Topic was hit by 12 days of breaches, spread across five waves of attacks during the first half of this year, and it’s still surveying the damage. The series of breaches that occurred between Feb. 7 and June 21 were the result of automated credential stuffing attacks against the company’s website and mobile application, Hot Topic said in a data breach notification filed Monday in California.

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Tempur Sealy Responding to Cyber Attack that Disrupted Operations

article by Retail Dive, Aug 2, 2023

Mattress maker Tempur Sealy is responding to a cyberattack that led the company to shut down some of its IT systems.

The company’s operations were disrupted by the attack, which it discovered on July 23 and disclosed in a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission on Monday.

The attack occurred almost two months after the company signed an agreement to acquire Mattress Firm for about $4 billion, a deal that would position Tempur Sealy as one of the world’s largest mattress manufacturers with one of the largest mattress retail footprints in the U.S. The deal is expected to close in the second half of 2024.

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7 Things You Need to do AHEAD of Your Black Friday Facebooks Ads According to Meta

article by Digital Marketer, Aug 17, 2023

Are your Facebook Ads strategy ready for Black Friday? This is THE time of the year when shopaholics are hunting for the best offers, so you need to make sure your Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads campaigns are ready to attract hungry buyers. 

So, do you have your Black Friday Facebook Ads strategies all planned out? No? Well, you’d better get on that, because the big day is just around the corner!

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23 Fall Marketing & Advertising Ideas to Spice Up Your Season

article by LocaliQ, Aug 2, 2023

Fall is a busy season—the holidays are fast approaching, kids are back in school, and everyone is trying to end the year on a high note. Fall begins September 23 and ends December 21, so these few months are typically packed for both consumers and business owners—giving you the perfect opportunity to get more customers but with little time to actually do it!

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August 2023 Issue

Retail Sales Climbed in May 2023: StatCan

article by Retail Council of Canada, July 26, 2023

Retail sales increased 0.2% to $66.0 billion in May 2023 according to the latest report from Statistics Canada. Sales increased in five of nine subsectors and were led by increases at motor vehicle and parts dealers (0.8%) and food and beverage retailers (1.0%). Year over year, retail sales were up 0.5% and core retail rose 2.9%.

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Generation Alpha is Already Impacting Back-to-Class Shopping [Podcast]

article by National Retail Federation (NRF), July 25, 2023

Summer is halfway over, and parents and students are already looking forward to — and shopping for — the next school year. In fact, back-to-school spending is expected to reach an unparalleled $41.5 billion, up from $36.9 billion last year. Back-to-college spending is expected to hit $94 billion, about $20 billion more than last year’s record. What or who is driving this record-breaking back-to-class shopping season? According to the latest consumer research from GfK and NRF, it’s Generation Alpha and Generation Z.

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Pinterest Emerges As An Essential Social Media Platform For Retailers And Brands In Canada, Say Experts [Feature]

article by Retail Insider, July 20, 2023

Pinterest is one social media platform brands should be using more as it’s budget friendly, has an international reach of millions of people, and is easy to use. Kristie Painting, Pinterest Country Manager, Canada and Nina Ber-Donkor, founder of Black Rooster Decor, discuss the benefits of the platform and how brands can use it to improve success.

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Connecting with Generation Z

article by Retail Pro, July 19, 2023

Generation Z includes retailers’ first set of digitally native consumers. Born after 1996, these customers have never known a world without the internet. As a result, they have high expectations of interconnectedness between online and in-store shopping experiences. Smartphone in hand, they browse merchandise online and pickup in-store while communicating in real-time with friends on social networks, apps and text messages.

They were born to shop omnichannel style.

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Exploring The State Of Canadian Retail: Consumer Trends And Challenges [Podcast]

article by Retail Insider, July 12, 2023

Craig and Lee dive into the current state of the Canadian retail industry, discussing recent consumer trends and challenges. They explore topics such as the impact of inflation, consumer spending habits, strengths in lower-cost regions, the struggle of small businesses, the shift between online and in-store retail, and the inventory and supply chain issues faced by retailers.

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3 Ways Retail MarTech Leaders are Preparing for the Consumer of the Future

article by National Retail Federation (NRF), July 21, 2023

NRF Nexus, an exclusive event for senior leaders in technology, marketing and digital innovation, convened at the Terranea Resort in Ranchos Palos Verdes, Calif., July 10-12 for three days of examining trends in AI automation, consumer behavior and more. More than 200 leaders across consumer goods, restaurants and other leading retail brands shared strategies on how to improve the customer journey and prepare for the consumer of the future. Themes in generative AI, personalization and easing friction were top of mind for leaders.

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Commerce in the Metaverse

article by Heartland, July 13, 2023

The signs are everywhere: the metaverse is going mainstream. In its early days, users were mainly gamers and tech-forward early adopters. But now that brands like Adidas, Nike, Coca-Cola, Microsoft and Meta have joined the conversation, everyone is paying attention.

The metaverse is hard to define because it’s still evolving. It blends digital and physical (“phygital”) worlds to create a unique, immersive experience where users can interact with each other. Many users access this new world through augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) technologies. 

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How To Create a Social Media Marketing Strategy: 10 Steps to Success

article by Shopify, July 21, 2023

If you’ve been struggling to meet your business goals on social media, you’re in the right place. Creating a social media marketing strategy will give purpose to your social media efforts. It will help you decide what content to develop and share, who you’re talking to, and what type of content performs best. Ultimately, it will help you harness social media to drive your business goals.

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60 Awesome August Social Media Holidays & Ideas (With Tips + Examples)

article by LocaliQ, July 19, 2023

August can be so bittersweet. While we welcome the warm and sunny late summer weather, the end of the season looms in the distance. For cold weather lovers, August might feel like a sigh of relief. For most of us, though, it can be hard to let go of fun in the sun.

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