CRS Advanced
Responsive Reporting

Automated Analytics and Drill Down Reporting for Shopify Store Owners

in Partnership with 42 Technologies

The Most POWERFUL Reporting We’ve Seen Yet!

Independent retailers using Shopify now gain the advantage of enterprise level reporting and analytics with the CRS Advanced Responsive Reporting (or Shopify Advanced Reporting)! Deep dive into your retail business data like never before with drilled down, customized reports that give you actionable insights in this all-in-one retail performing platform!

The CRS Advanced Responsive Reporting system integrates with your Shopify store, both online and offline, as well as any other of your data sources to consolidate, analyze, and respond to your business needs. The system then takes this data and delivers it in visually appealing, easy-to-read reports customized the way YOU want it!

The development model behind the CRS Advanced Responsive Reporting platform is directly targeted towards independent retailers to give them the information they not only want, but also value most!

Connecting Your Customers to Your Inventory

The whole point of collecting data on our customers is to connect our customers to our inventory. With the CRS Advanced Responsive Reporting, you can connect your customers on an entirely new level, from size breakdowns to style types, color preferences and more! Targeting the RIGHT product for the RIGHT customer will drive you to make decisions and take actions that will ultimately result in higher sales conversions!

Gain 3x ROI

What can the Shopify Advanced Reporting platform do for YOU?

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