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Retailers are hiring and small business owners in Calgary have rising confidence levels, according to reports in the Calgary Herald. All of this expansion and confidence mean that it is time to upgrade your POS software to a solution that can change with your expanding business. Canadian Retail Solutions (CRS) is the Calgary point of sale solution provider of choice. You can reach us from Calgary at 403-456-4566.
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CRS Focuses on Retail POS

CRS specializes in POS software and hardware for retailers. Our Calgary POS solution representatives stay completely on top of the latest in the industry and keep their fingers on the pulse of what is happening in and around Calgary’s retail sector. We have carefully researched all of the available systems and install only best-in-class systems, making us the best choice for your Calgary POS software and hardware provider. Our on-the-ground representatives come to you in order to plan out, install, and implement your point of sale solution.

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Seamless Operation

When you install the POS solution that we mutually determine is the best one for your business, you’ll be able to easily checkout customers, generate reports, and have access to data in a way that you never dreamed could be so easy. You’ll be able to measure your business metrics and determine what is selling and what isn’t, which staff are the most productive, and see in black and white what your bottom line really is. This added value in our POS software packages is invaluable.

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Bonus Features

Our POS systems don’t just handle your checkout and reporting. They will manage your inventory, allow you to implement gift registries, customer loyalty programs, and a number of other strong features that you never even thought of that will mean added business. We will train you and your staff on all of these features so that you are putting your new POS system to the best use possible. If you are done with business-as-usual POS systems, or are ready to replace a legacy system in your store, give CRS a call today to get it done.

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A Retail Planning Tool for Independent Retail Businesses

RetailORBIT is designed for independent retail businesses. It gives the independent retailer a better planning tool than large multinational chains have available to them. Allowing you to take advantage of the nimbleness of being an independent retailer to outsmart the big guns that you are competing with in your retail category. Inventory planning is often referred to in the industry as “open to buy planning”. It gives retailers budgets, direction on where they should be putting their dollars, and an understanding of where they should be clearing out and moving inventory.

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My store has been a RetailORBIT® Client for over four years and I have personally experienced the value this program offers. Within the first twelve months of following the RetailORBIT® plan, my store’s gross revenue increased a modest 5%, but inventory carrying costs were cut in half. Once inventory levels were balanced, along came cash flow, higher turns and sleep! J Since that first year we’ve seen consistent, significant growth in revenue and I’ve become a smarter, more profitable Retailer thanks to RetailORBIT®.Working with RetailORBIT® and Canadian Retail Solutions is so much more than Inventory Management – it is comprehensive Retail Business Coaching. In addition to Inventory Management, my Retail Coaches at CRS have helped me work through challenges from lease negotiations, to motivating and remunerating staff, to coming up with creative promotions, to suggesting financing options for my business. It is my wholehearted belief that my business would not be around in the capacity it is (or perhaps at all!) had I not worked with CRS and RetailORBIT®.I encourage Retailers of every size to have CRS do an inventory analysis for you. It’s easy – CRS does all the work! Don’t be embarrassed about the condition of your books, having a small budget, or dwindling sales; CRS has seen it all and they are here to help, not judge. They will show you exactly what RetailORBIT® will do for you.My only regret about working with RetailORBIT® is that I didn’t start sooner! 
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