Lightspeed POS

LightSpeed: Hyperefficient POS Software for Mac

You’ve made the decision to run your business on Apple. You know the advantages of fast computing power and a streamlined workflow. Meet a POS system designed to match that speed and efficiency that will be instantly recognizable to anyone who has ever owned an iPod, an iPhone, or a Mac. Meet LightSpeed Mac POS software.

LightSpeed is not just a POS system. Everyday accounting, inventory, purchasing, and management are all taken care of with LightSpeed, as are your customer relationship management and loyalty programs. You can extend the power of LightSpeed with the LightSpeed Mobile app for iOS devices and sell online professionally with LightSpeed Web Store.

LightSpeed’s Browser Interface

Give your employees a smart, intuitive POS interface for invoicing and checkout.
The LightSpeed POS browser is elegant and features many items your employees will already be familiar with from iTunes, like CoverFlow to scroll through products. You don’t need to be a techie to use LightSpeed, you just have to know how to open a browser. LightSpeed has made their Apple POS software so intuitive that anyone can drill down to what they need in just a few clicks.

Seamless Checkout and Invoicing

Your employees can create an invoice with one click, and even enter customer information with an iPhone and iPod Touch to cut down on lines at the checkout with our LightSpeed Mobile app. LightSpeed can be set up so that the POS screen comes up automatically when employees login at your checkouts.

Reporting and Accounting

You can do everyday reporting and accounting with LightSpeed. Timesheets, service requests, end of day cash outs and customized reports can all be generated and edited with LightSpeed. If you sell in multiple languages and currencies, no problem. LightSpeed ships with multi-currency support and the ability to print documents in English, French and Spanish. If another language is desired, it can be installed.
Reporting and intelligence give you complete access to all information about your business. Use over 350 reports to get the information that you need in the layout you want, giving you a consistent top down view of your business.

Secure Account and Data Management

Set different user levels so that employees only have access to what they need, and nothing they don’t. Check user logs from each day, automate your backups, and create multiple tax setups to ensure that every order is always costed out correctly. LightSpeed’s secure database environment coupled with the speed and durability of Apple mean that your software will help speed up the sale, not slow it down.

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LightSpeed is the complete retail Point of Sale solution for single or multi-store operations that combines Mac innovation with powerful backend business tools, a streamlined POS interface for fast front-counter sales and a tightly-integrated Web Store for selling online