After spending 30 years in retail, we have seen everything there is to see in the retail industry. Your retail coach uses their expertise and a plan to gain cash flow in a way that your business can afford.
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My store has been a RetailORBIT® Client for over four years and I have personally experienced the value this program offers. Within the first twelve months of following the RetailORBIT® plan, my store’s gross revenue increased a modest 5%, but inventory carrying costs were cut in half. Once inventory levels were balanced, along came cash flow, higher turns and sleep! J Since that first year we’ve seen consistent, significant growth in revenue and I’ve become a smarter, more profitable Retailer thanks to RetailORBIT®.Working with RetailORBIT® and Canadian Retail Solutions is so much more than Inventory Management – it is comprehensive Retail Business Coaching. In addition to Inventory Management, my Retail Coaches at CRS have helped me work through challenges from lease negotiations, to motivating and remunerating staff, to coming up with creative promotions, to suggesting financing options for my business. It is my wholehearted belief that my business would not be around in the capacity it is (or perhaps at all!) had I not worked with CRS and RetailORBIT®.I encourage Retailers of every size to have CRS do an inventory analysis for you. It’s easy – CRS does all the work! Don’t be embarrassed about the condition of your books, having a small budget, or dwindling sales; CRS has seen it all and they are here to help, not judge. They will show you exactly what RetailORBIT® will do for you.My only regret about working with RetailORBIT® is that I didn’t start sooner! 
- Janel Dickin, Owner, Hye Fashion Inc. Edmonton, Alberta Learn More

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Our Certified Coaches, using the proven approach of high tech/high touch, will provide your business with fewer markdowns, improved cash margins, a better balance and flow of your inventory and a cash flow projection to help you better manage your business.

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With almost 90 years of combined retail experience, we've seen just about everything that the retail industry can throw at business owner. We're happy to use that knowledge, along with the Winning@Retail program, to help your business grow and succeed in today's competitive retail environment.

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