Inventory Management Software

Inventory management is not just about getting the numbers right on a balance sheet. It’s about ensuring that you have enough components on hand to run a production line, enough stock to meet the demands of a new season of customers, and smart inventory tracking systems that let you order more goods when stock levels are critically low.
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CRS Will Help Find The Best Inventory Tracking System for You

Inventory control software means different things to different businesses, and Canadian Retail Solutions has been dealing with the inventory software needs of businesses just like yours across Canada for years. We get to know your business, find out what features you need and what you don’t need, and we use that information to implement the best inventory tracking system for you.


Retail Pro Inventory Control Software

Retail Pro is the go-to retail inventory control and POS software suite for many businesses. Automated processes and a highly customizable interface are just two of the reasons Retail Pro has been in business for over 20 years. With Retail Pro, your counts will be much more accurate, since factors like shrinkage are automatically accounted for in the program.We have the right inventory management software for you even if you aren’t running a retail business. Businesses like oil & gas companies and any business engaged in manufacturing will see immediate benefits from installing one of our inventory tracking systems.Contact us today for a free consultation to find out which inventory management software or POS solution is the best fit for your business.

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Lightspeed Mac POS Software

Lightspeed Mac POS software is one of the best inventory control software packages available for small businesses that run on Apple. It’s the small touches that make this software stand out, like colour-coded inventory categories that let your employees drill down to the proper item within seconds. Lightspeed also gives you the ability to manage up to ten different warehouses, making inventory management scalable. The sleek interface allows you to adjust inventory as quickly and easily as Lightspeed lets your staff ring up a sale.

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We utilize Retail Pro in every facet of our business: from Online to our Retail Store. Reporting, Inventory Management, Point of Sale and integration into our A/P & A/R are all essential functions, and Retail Pro makes them efficient for our business. The reporting, details, and back-end support are extremely important when we are running a business 24/7.
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