Free Social Media Resources

Crystal Media is offering free social media resources that are normally only available to Social Edge members. By completing the form you will receive The Social Sharing Guide - helping you understand what to post to social media, The Self-Guided Review Checklist - helping you make sure your social media profiles are set up with the right features and information and 3 Vital Tips for Boosting Store Traffic Using Social Media eBook


Social to Sale

Social to Sale trains store owners on how to find, train and manage a social media manager (even if that’s the owner for now), and teaches the social media manager how to successfully market the store using social media.

The end result: a social media strategy that supports the business goals, confidence in your social media manager and clarity on how to track sales from social. This program was created by our partner Crystal Vilkaitis, who has been in the social media industry for over 10 years, and has worked exclusive with local retailers for over 7 years. She has hands-on experience, and the most relevant social media training we’ve seen for retailers. That’s why we’ve partnered with Crystal to offer her training to you. Plus, she makes it easy to understand and implement.
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Social Edge provides ongoing social media education, support and accountability. Because social media is always changing and evolving, you’ll get up-to-date training, tips and tools to keep your business competitive and relevant. When you have questions, ask in the private Social Edge Facebook community, where the Crystal Media team are actively participating in the conversations. Our members love our group and the support they get. Accountability is offered through Crystal Vilkaitis, retail social media expert, pushing members through newsletters and videos in the group, to do something she’s teaching like going live, create a slideshow, etc., and then share it. Sometimes we need a push or some motivation, and you’ll get it as a Social Edge member. Social Edge: $97/month or $997/year.

Social Media Courses

Facebook and Instagram Ads Courses
This course will teach you why ads are critical to your success, what ads to use to promote things like new product arrivals, events and sales, what images, copy and videos you should promote and how to track your results.

You’ll also learn things like how to track offline sales from your Facebook and Instagram Ads, from people who came in and bought products after seeing your ad. How powerful is that?!

Social to Sale
Social to Sale has everything you need to hire and train a social media manager (even if that's you - for now), and has everything they need to see results with social media. Through Social to Sale, retailers have seen great results including increased traffic, increased sales and new customers. If you'd like to see these kind of results, enroll in Social to Sale.