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A retail retrospective with Marc Weiss and a look ahead to the 2022 retail outlook.

Retailers! Listen and learn! Dan chats one on one with Marc Weiss of Management One. They discuss the biggest winners (and losers) of 2021 and the actions they took; The 2022 retail outlook and the needed actions for the indie retailer to survive and thrive and more.  More about Marc: In March 2015, Marc Weiss […]

Getting involved with your local business community – Curtis Crouse – Entrepreneur and Chamber chair.

Getting involved with the local business community as part of the formula for your business success is part of today’s discussion as Dan chats one on one with Curtis Crouse.  Curtis s a St. Albert resident whose family is rooted here now in 3 generations. He lives in Woodlands with his wife Sheyanne and daughter […]

Learning more with Tammy and the Apronologists of Sweet Elizabeth Jane

A conversation from the retail front lines. Dan chatted one on one with Tammy Beideman of Sweet Elizabeth Jane. They’re a vintage-inspired lifestyle store where you can shop for clothing, accessories, home goods and fun gifts.  They were founded in 2011, in Ellicott City, Maryland. Sweet Elizabeth Jane is named after Tammy’s two grandmothers, Elizabeth […]

Talking with Matt Hewson of Barterpay and how retailers can benefit from the opportunity of barter

Do you know what Barterpay is? You need to listen to this podcast to learn all of the ins and outs about using Barterpay for the benefit of your retail business! Dan chats one on one with Matt Hewson and there are so many great things to learn about this new opportunity.  More about Matt: […]

Shopify store owners! Merchant Mastery with Ivana Radojevic – Courses, training, and coaching

Talking retail e-commerce with Ivana and Dan! So much to discuss in this constantly evolving space. Ivana and her team are on top of it and able to provide the expertise you are looking for. Be sure to tune into this week’s episode to learn more for your retail business.  Ivana is the Program Director […]

Marc Beerling of The Plans, focused on retail blueprints for today’s retailer

A great retail conversation with Marc Beerling this week. Marc is a retailer with 15 years experience in retail. In 2005, he started his own store after 3 years managing someone else’s, in a small Canadian city. Offering Mens and Ladies Contemporary as well as Lifestyle, Denim and Footwear, over the years he grew the […]