Data: A Retailers Greatest Asset

Data: A Retailers Greatest Asset
I would like to suggest that Data is a retailer’s greatest asset. Why? After working for a retail service provider for many years I can say, with confidence, that data loss is the single biggest cause for panic we see. It causes panic for our retailers, and panic for us!
Why does the thought of data loss cause such a strong and immediate reaction? Because it is so much more then characters filling fields, letters and numbers in random groupings. Those precise characters in those exact fields are the lifelines of your business. We are talking sales history, audit trail, inventory, reports, customer information: your business history and potential all together in one place. In that light, panic seems like a very reasonable and proper response doesn’t it.
I personally don’t care for experiencing panic, especially when it is so easily preventable. So I back my data up, regularly. It isn’t hard to do, it is nearly free, and it helps me sleep at night, and I like all of those things. There are lots of ways you can protect and care for your data, but they don’t replace the need to back it up. (hm, maybe I should save this word document right now…be back in a second…) Your back up is your insurance; it holds the power to downgrade a crisis to an inconvenience.
You have options when it comes to backing up your data, take time to research and choose the one that is best for you. Be honest with yourself. Are you forgetful? Automate the process! There are monthly subscription services available that will backup your system daily and store the data at an offsite location. Looking for a more hands on approach? Purchase an appropriately sized USB key or portable hard drive and add the backup process to your daily routine and take it with you. The “how” is not as important as the “when” on this one, you could wait until tomorrow or you could grab the nearest USB key and start right now.
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