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Take Retail to the Next Level

Whether you’re an independent retailer or a multi-store enterprise, Heartland Retail POS is the point of sale solution for you!

Build a Seamless Omnichannel Experience

Unify your data across ALL your selling platforms, whether it’s your online store, online marketplaces, or in store(s), with a wide range of integration options and partners, giving you the insights and control you need from ONE single location! 

The Benefit to Integrating Your Platforms

  • Accurately report real time stock levels from sales activity across all channels, eliminating the need to manually reconcile inventory numbers
  • Reduce the risk of overselling to your customers and having to refund their purchase
  • Control your products, pricing and availability everywhere from one single location, saving yourself time and effort that can be put towards other areas of your business
  • Boost the customer experience, as modern consumers expect the ability to seamlessly shop between your online and physical stores without hassle
  • Gather in-depth insights from consolidated data collected from each selling platform

Trusted by 4.6 Million Businesses Worldwide

Boost Efficiency with a Powerful Back Office

Take control of your retail business operations all in one place using the reliable and efficiency-boosting tools built right in to Heartland Retail POS!

Inventory Management
Track and manage inventory any way you like with custom fields and grids. The intuitive inventory management tools allow you to easily create, maintain and receive purchase orders with ease while also keeping your inventory levels up to date in real time!  

Customer Management
Easily manage and maintain customer profiles right within your system, tracking the information that’s most important to you! Utilize the customer dashboard to gain real time insights into each individual customer, giving you a deeper level of understanding to make the RIGHT decisions for your customer experience strategies! 

Employee Management
Create and define each and every staff role the way YOU see fit for YOUR particular business model. Customize permissions based on an extensive list of options to tailor your roles accordingly! 

Superior Reporting Capabilities at Your Fingertips

Custom reporting often comes as an add-on feature for most point of sale solutions, but with Heartland Retail POS, that feature is built right in! With the simplified user-friendly custom report builder, you can run real time sales reports on ANY information you need, even the custom fields you’ve created within your system!

Not only is the information you’re reporting on customizable, but you can also customize the way the report is generated by adding in visual charts, graphs and comparisons.

Schedule a time to have these reports generate automatically so you never miss an insight, giving you the information you need to make better forecasting, staffing and marketing decisions! 

Heartland POS Support

Our customer-focused, success driven Professional Services team are experts in all things POS! Discover a Heartland POS Support Plan that best suits YOUR retail business needs! 

Heartland Support plans

Add-On Integrations

While Heartland Retail POS is a stand-alone product that essentially offers retailers EVERYTHING they need to run their business day-to-day, industry leading integration partners offer value-added software add-ons that will take you one step further!

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